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Rock Progresywny / Art Rock
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Anglia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Audio; 2006-11
Lapidarna nazwa grupy i równie proste tytuły płyt (od 1 do 5), za to zawsze pomysłowy jazz-rock lat 70. w angielskim wydaniu. Septet If nie posiadał wprawdzie takiego 'wykopu' jak amerkański Blood, Sweat & Tears, ale w aranżowaniu specjalnie im nie ustępował. Dominującą rolę w grupie iF pełnił duet saksofonowy solidnie wsparty organami, gitarą i trzyosobową sekcją rytmiczną.
autor: Cezary Gumiński

Editor's info:
Contains The Complete 1971 Album: If "If3"
Includes Two Bonus Track Versions of: What Did I Say About The Box Jack?
From If's 1970 debut album If, and a 20-minute version from a 1972 live European recording Featuring multi-reed instrumentalists Dick Morrissey and Dave Quincy, vocalist J.W. Hodkinson, guitarist Terry Smith, keyboardist John Mealing, bassist Jim Richardson and drummer Dennis Elliott.
Great Britian's response to Blood, Sweat & Tears and Chicago was a group called If, whose relative anonymity in the U.S. never prevented them from developing into one of the finest exponents of the jazz-rock genre. Founded by Melody Maker jazz poll winners Dick Morrissey and Terry Smith in 1969, the group created their own unique synthesis of jazz and rock, characterized by tight arrangements for the saxophones and guitar, the complete absence of brass, the incomparable improvisational skills of the soloists, and the nakedly honest, raw emotional power of both the vocalist and the group as a whole. This release features the album If3 in its entirety as well as two versions of the group's most emblematic composition What Did I Say About The Box Jack? as bonus tracks. The first version was recorded in the studio, and was released on the group's debut album If. The second version was recorded live in Europe in 1972. The intensity and extended length (20:23) of the track, exemplify the group's unparalleled live performances at their best.

Dick Morrissey - tenor sax, alto sax, flute, vocals
Dave Quincy - tenor sax, alto sax, flute
J.W Hodkinson - vocals, pecussion
John Mealing - organ, electric piano, vocals
Terry Smith - guitar
Jim Richardson - bass
Dennis Elliott - drums

1. Fobonacci's Number
2. Forgotten Roads
3. Sweet January
4. Child Of Storm
5. Far Beyond
6. Seldom Seen San
7. Upstairs
8. Here Comes Mr.Time

total time - 70:09
wydano: 2006-05
nagrano: 1070, 1971, 1972
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