Very Very Happy

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Funk/punk stars of the '80s New York club scene known for their animalistic, primitive energy, the Bush Tetras' newly recorded material has a visceral energy reminiscent of their early 80's recordings with Stiff & 99 records. Anyone who knows about Revl9n or !!! (chk chk chk) or Le Tigre should also be familiar with the Bush Tetras.

Very Very Happy includes two never before commercially available tracks "Nails" & "Motorhead" & six tracks which have recently been re-recorded at NYC Looking Glass Studios, finally being released the way the band originally intended. The album is also enhanced with three videos, including the classic Ed Steinberg version of "Too Many Creeps" from 1980, which illustrates the devastating reality of NYC's urban decay during the late '70s and '80s.

"With their funk-punk rhythms, urban feminist anthems, and Pat Place's acid-scratch guitar, the Bush Tetras ruled New York nightclubs in the early '80s; to the rest of the world, they were probably way ahead of their time." - Village Voice

"They blended Pat Place's jangly, dissonant guitar, the spare funk bass lines of Laura Kennedy and Dee Pop's hammer-on-anvil industrial percussion with the now-frantic/now-stoned vocalizing of Cynthia Sley and found their ticket out of the increasingly clichéd torn T-shirt maelstrom." - Magnet

Dee Pop - Drums
Julia Murphy* - Bass
Pat Place - Guitar
Cynthia Sley - Vocals
Laura Kennedy - Bass**

*Julia Murphy plays Bass on Tracks 1-5, 10 & 12
**Laura Kennedy plays Bass on tracks 6-9, 11 & 13

wydano: 2007-12
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Boom In The Night
56,99 zł

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