Alfonso X El Sabio: Cantigas of Andalucia [3CD]

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Alfonso X, justly known as the Wise, was an eminent poet, historian and musician. A scientific intellectual, he was learned and curious and created a body of knowledge that was unequalled in his time. He considered his work to be a tribute to humanity in close communication with God. As a protector of the wise and active publisher, he revised and corrected books himself, improving their language and style, and illustrating them with beautiful miniatures. He chose the Romance vernaculars (Castilian and Galician) instead of Latin for literary and artistic expression.

The Cantigas de Santa Maria form a collection of 427 hymns on the subject of miracles through the intercession of the Virgin Mary, and are Alfonso’s great poetic work. They are based on the extensive European repertoire of miracles of the Virgin, which were prepared to be sung to melodies created with beautiful musical notation in parchment codices featuring excellent miniature paintings.

The Cantigas are a "spiritual autobiography" of Alfonso X (Snow), expressing his hope that the Virgin, as his advocate, would intercede for his success as King and for his salvation after death. The Cantigas provide a valuable historical source and testimony to facts written in the first person, with contemporary events and details of how Alfonso suffered in body and soul as an indication of his illnesses (cantigas 209, 235, 279, 354, 366 and 367).

This selection of Cantigas of Andalusia is from the last of the codices. They reflect Alfonso’s wish to expel the Moors from Spain and the wars against Granada and Morocco (Cantigas 169, 181, 215, 323, 345, 360, 401 and 406). Some of the 24 cantigas of the sanctuary of El Puerto de Santa Maria that had not yet been recorded have also been included.

These cantigas in Andalusian territory complete the cantigas recorded and published earlier by Pneuma: Cantigas de Sevilla PN2-590, Cantigas de Jérez PN-570, Puerto de Santa Maria 1 PN-220, Cantigas de Murcia PN-1560 and others contained in the CDs Remedios Curativos PN-240, Bestiario PN-340 and Cantigas de Extremadura PN-420. In general, the themes of these cantigas are closely related to the biographical events of the King and his court in Seville.

Musica Antigua
Eduardo Paniagua: direction

CD1 - Cantigas Of Granada And Jaén:
1. The Relics, Cantiga 257.
2. The Castle Of Chincoya And The King Of Granada, Cantiga 185.
3. The Child Of Coria, Cantiga 323.
4. The Treasure, Cantiga 348.
5. The Image Of Martos, Cantiga 215.
6. Wind And Hail, Cantiga 161,
7. Don Manuel’s Falcon, Cantiga 366.
8. Abu Yusuf Thwarted In Marrakech, Cantiga 181.

CD2 - Cantigas Of Córdoba And Huelva:
1. Struck By A Stone Cantiga 385.
2. The Child And The Abbot, Cantiga 353.
3. The Altar Cloths Of Ayamonte, Cantiga 273.
4. The Captive Son, Cantiga 359.
5. The Virgin Of Córdoba, Cantiga 321.
6. The Child Of San Marcos, Cantiga 381.
7. The Judge Of Spain, Cantiga 119.
8. Blocks Of Stone, Cantiga 358.
9. The Child Of Tudía, Cantiga 347.
10. Between The Two Seas Cantiga 124.
11. From Lucena To Sopetran, Captive In The Land Of The Moors, Cantiga 83.

CD3 - Cantigas Of Cádiz And El Puerto De Santa Maria:
1 Garden Of Delights (Dona Sancha), Cantiga 357.
2 Don Alfonso’s Terrible Disease, Cantiga 367.
3. The Woman Of Niebla, Cantiga 372.
4. Mary Of Córdoba And Santa Cruz De Cádiz, Cantiga 368.
5. Master Pedro Of Marseille, Cantiga 389.
6. San Salvador Of Seville.
7. Fror Das Frores (Painter Of Three Colours), Cantiga 384.
8. The Thief Who Swore Falsely In El Puerto De Santa Maria, Cantiga 392.

wydano: 2018
nagrano: Recorded in 2018 by Hugo Westerdahl.

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