Thomas Tellefsen, Frederic Chopin: Sonata for cello and piano. 4 Pieces opus 32 and 35 [T. Tellefsen]; Sonata for cello and piano [F. Chopin]

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  • Wykonawca: Havard Gimse & Oyvind Gimse
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Klasyczna Muzyka Kameralna
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Norwegia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
On this release brothers Havard and Oyvind Gimse choose to focus on the master Chopin and one of his dearest pupils, Norwegian composer and pianist Thomas Tellefsen. The relationship between the master and his student was successful musically as well as personally, and on this record the mutual influence can be tracked throughout the two composers sonatas for cello and piano. Tellefsen had throughout his work a predilection for classical form principles and relatively conservative harmony, a predilection shared by Chopin. Oyvind and Havard Gimse are two highly revered performers on their respective instruments, and on this release they manage to bond the two composers works into a unit that’s a testament both to their own interplay and the composers interaction

Havard Gimse: piano
Oyvind Gimse: cello

Thomas Tellefsen: Sonata For Piano And Cello E Flat Major Op. 21
1. Allegro 8:55
2. Allegretto 4:47
3. Allegro 5:31

Thomas Tellefsen: 4 Pieces Opus 32 and 35:
4. Berceuse Op. 32/1 2:42
5. Joyeux Refrain Op. 32/2 3:04
6. Dans La Vallee Op. 32/3 4:48
7. Air De Ballet Op. 35 4:21

Frederic Chopin: Sonata For Piano And Cello G Minor Op. 65
8. Allegro Moderato 15:47
9. Scherzo 4:50
10. Largo 4:02
11. Finale-Allegro 6:14

total time - 65:01
wydano: 2001
nagrano: 2001
more info: www.musikkoperatorene.no

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