The Way To Mt. Zion

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  • Producent: ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
  • Wykonawca: Glen Brown
  • Nośnik: CD
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Recorded in Jamaica 1969-1976.

Studios: Dynamic, Randy's, Duke Reid, Harry J., Joe Gibbs, Channel One, Federal, Battersea, B.B.M.C. Brent, D. and D.

Early '70s King Tubby mixes of wild reggae instrumentals, vocals and dub tracks, produced, arranged and performed by Glen Brown - crucial roots singer, dub rebel and melodica genius - along with an all-star cast of top Jamaican musicians.

Brown started in Jamaica's music business as a singer, recording for Duke Reid and Coxsone Dodd. In the early '70s he founded his legendary Pantomine label which became home to dozens of unique and often eccentric records. As a musician, Augustus Pablo's popularity on the melodica inspired him to master the instrument himself. As a producer he worked with Big Youth, Prince Jazzbo, I Roy and U Roy.

"If you're looking for pure roots this is one of the best selections around, a kind of history lesson of a time in Jamaican music when all the disparate elements combined to forge a new and unforgettable sound. Brown's melodica work is second to none. The dubs are a delight, the mixes are 100% Tubby and even the lone cover tune, a quirky rework of Dylan's 'Lay Lady Lay' has an undeniable charm. Lovers of the likes of Israel Vibration, the Congoes and roots music in general will find this one a rare treat." - The Beat

Glen Brown, Don Drummond, Vin Gordon, Tommy McCook, Willie Lindo, Earl Wire Lindo, Ansel Collins, Robbie Shakespeare, Aston Family Man Barrett, Carlton Barrett and more

1. The Way to Mt. Zion
2. Lambsbread/Lambsbread Dub
3. Why People Mumbling?
4. Youths of Tomorrow
5. Molasses
6. Sweet, Sweet
7. Sounds Of The Time
8. Clensiness Dub
9. Relations
10. Black Shade
11. Live As One
12. Lay Lady (Adapted)
13. Carl Masters Dub
14. Zion Steps Dub

nagrano: 1969-1976
more info: www.roir-usa.com

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