Terres Turquoises

  • Kod: ACD22314
  • Producent: Atma Classique (CA)
  • Kod producenta: 0722056231428
  • Wykonawca: Françoise Atlan / Constantinople / Kiya Tabassian
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Kompozytor: Antologia
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Muzyka Dawna
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Editor's Info:
This recording is a tribute to the Turquoise Lands. The land of each and every person, it is the garden of his memories and of his imagination. There, he sows the seeds of his thoughts and hopes, and nourishes them with his beliefs and his principles. It is the physical and metaphysical place where everyone takes root and in turn gives it meaning, vision, aroma, and colour. The present CD features instrumental and vocal music representing a variety of traditions from these Turquoise Lands.

The dazzling ensemble Constantinople, under the artistic direction of Kiya Tabassian, explores the music from the cultural sphere of the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The group cultivates a unique form of expression that gives free rein to creativity and improvisation, yet respects the basic forms of the music it seeks to reinterpret.

Françoise Atlan (voice), Matthew Jennejohn (mute cornett, cornetto, recorders), Isabelle Marchand (fiddle), Guy Ross (ud, harp), Ziya Tabassian (percussion) Constantinople, Kiya Tabassian

1. Giray Han: Pishrow Mahur, Duyek
2. anon.: La princessa y el caballero
3. Giray Han: Pishrow Mahur, Dowre Kabir
4. anon.: Esta noche
5. anon.: Radif Persan
6. anon.: Farah
7. anon.: Ven querida
8. anon.: Caballero
9. anon.: Hero y Leandro
10. anon.: A la una
11. anon.: La mala suegra
12. anon.: Malouf Constantinois
13. anon.: Zendali
14. anon.: El alma dolorida
15. anon.: La llamada a la morena
16. anon.: La mal casada
17. Tabassian: Visage de sylphe
18. anon.: Dunala

wydano: April 6, 2004
more info: www.atmaclassique.com
more info2: www.constantinople.ca

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