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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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Audio Video, 2008-12:
'...Pierwsze spotkanie z muzyką basisty Sean'a Conly wypada nader obiecującą także za sprawą partnerujących mu saksofonistów Michaela Attiasa i Tony'ego Malaby oraz perkusisty Pheeroana Aklaffa. Muzyka Conly'ego osadzona jest w jazzowej tradycji ale równie dużo czerpie z rocka oraz dokonań chicagowskiej sceny jazzowej z Kenem Vandermarkiem na czele. Podobnie jak chicagowski muzyk Conly opiera swej kompozycje na krótkich, niemal rockowych rifach, zdarza się także, że je zapętla. Ale nie ma tu dyscypliny i mocy The Vandermark 5, muzyka zdaje się być bardziej otwarta a brzmienie silnej przynależy do świata jazzu...'

Editor's info:
There aren't many jazz bands lead by the guy playing the bass, but the tradition is strong (remember Mingus?), so strong that we can feel it in the DNA of the music performed by Re:Action. This quartet formed by Sean Conly consists of the free jazz drumming legend Pheeroan Aklaff, the ever in demand, and rock solid veteran of the present New York scene, Tony Malaby, and a saxophonist in fast ascension to international fame, Michaël Attias. As with many other jazz musicians of his generation, Sean began to play rock as a young teenager, but through the discovery of the music of Charles Mingus (of course), Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Scott Lafaro and The Revolutionary Ensemble, he quickly turned his attention to jazz in it's many different forms. A student of Rufus Reid, he soon established himself as a sideman with big names like Freddie Hubbard, Andrew Hill, James Moody, Stefon Harris, Regina Carter, Nicholas Payton and Ray Barretto, but also as an equal voice among the younger innovators, from Anthony Coleman to Russ Lossing. In a recent interview Sean said 'I have always enjoyed the challenge of playing a wide variety of music as there is a lot you can learn from others, but at heart my favorite thing is to compose and play my own music', and this new Clean Feed recording is just that: music based in the idea of action and reaction, with the scores functioning as aural plots to be elucidated on by the players, music written 'to let people play the way they play'. It is important to say that Re:Action's first gig ever was voted one of the best concerts of the year by All About Jazz magazine and that the music of the CD is all first or second takes without overdubs - facts that only serve to give you an idea of the in the moment freshness you will find on this fantastic Clean Feed release.

Sean Conly: double bass
Michaël Attias: alto & baritone saxophone
Tony Malaby: tenor & soprano saxophone
Pheeroan Aklaff: drums

1. Gazzelloni
2. Daily Mutation
3. Suburban Angst
4. There's the Rub
5. Luminiferous Aether
6. Concrete Garden
7. Ulterior Motives
8. Refutable Logic
9. Something I Said?
10. Saitta
11. Illes Du Vent

wydano: 2008-09-10
nagrano: Recorded and mixed at Lofish Studios, New York, by John P. Hopkins on August 30, 2007 / Mastered by Luís Delgado
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