Media Luz

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Modern Jazz
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Editor's info:
Jean-Marie Machado and Dave Liebman play together since 2003. Of this complicity were born two albums: Caminando (on 2008 - Pao Records) and Eternal Moments (on 2010 - Bee Jazz). In 2011, Jean-Marie Machado suggests to Dave Liebman inviting the German bugliste Claus Sto¨tter and the string quartet Psophos; of this meeting was born the Media Luz project.
An exceptional musical moment for a dialogue between a magnificent European composer and a great American soloist who draws us a jazzchamber mood.
"In-between darkness and light, heads in the stars and feet firmly on the ground, Jean-Marie Machado and Dave Liebman know how to handle fire and ice, how to balance the acting spirit with writing thinking, how to convoke history and traditions while opening new territories. The repertoire they thought for this unusual septet (piano, soprano saxophone, trumpet, and a string quartet) also plays with contrasts between skillfully made suites and atmosphere pieces."

Jean-Marie Machado: piano
Dave Liebman: saxophones
Clau Stotter: flugelhorn, trumpet

Quatuor Psophos:
Eris Lacrouts: violin
Bleuenn Le Maitre: violin
Cecile Grassi: alto
Guillaume Martigne: cello

1. Media Luz 4:58
2. Breath 7:20

A Noite (Fado Suite)
3. Canto E Tango A Noite 3:26
4. Lisboa A Noite 5:14
5. Calma A Noite 1:48
6. Snow Day 6:36
7. La Tarde Silenciosa 5:10

Snake Sonata
8. 1er Mouvement 4:05
9. 2eme Mouvement 7:53
10. 3eme Mouvement 2:43
11. An Old Friend 4:35

Same Place Different Times
12. Les Herbes Calmes, Les Grands Arbres 3:08
13. Des Vagues Douces, Noctiluca 1:46
14. Brumes Sur La Terre Humide 3:04
15. Dernier Soleil

wydano: 2015-09

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