All The Birds - Reflecting + Adventurous [2CD]

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To Marilyn Mazur, music is something that's simply there. In favourable moments she is a medium who receives the music, and she helps shape it to fit it into her own fantasies and energies, as she describes it. Mazur often tries to combine feelings in a way that's only possible in music. Where pain and sorrow turn into something that's pleasant and stimulating to listen to. The music is great and life-affirming. The listener is led into a marvellous labyrinth, and when he returns he's full of new energy and inspiration.

First Danish JAZZPAR price winner ever.

Marilyn Mazur, Aina Kemanis, Hans Ulrik, Eivind Aarset, Elvira Plenar, Klavs Hovman, Audun Kleive, Benita Haastrup, Birgit Lokke, Lisbeth Diers, Palle Mikkelborg, Fredrik Lundin, Anders Jormin & Josefine Cronholm.
CD 1:
1. Coming Into Life 5:40
2. Univers 7:32
3. Vintersolens Sang (Song Of The Winter Sun) 7:45
4. Skibets Sang (Song Of The Ship) 5:11
5. Looptale 4:18
6. Kilden (The Spring) 7:28
7. Psalm 5:47
8. Bird Dance In Blue 0:36
9. Pri 4:57
10. Sardinia 5:25
11. Kjoledans (Dance In Dress) 1:15
12. Rainbow Tears 7:39

CD 2:
1. Den Bestovlede Fugl (Bird In Boots) 6:47
2. Josibalom 3:34
3. Crawl Out And Shine 5:19
4. Mess Ra 10:11
5. Spin Power 2:55
6. Spring Song 4:51
7. Energiduo (Energy Duo) 3:26
8. Unbound 4:36
9. Bird Dance In Red 1:46
10. Stafet (Relay) 6:02
11. Storytime 11:35
12. All The Birds 4:52

All the music and words by Marilyn Mazur except "Univers" by MM & Mikkelborg, "Looptale" by MM, Fredrik Lundin & Josefine Cronholm, "Rainbow Tears" music by MM words from the Minquass Indians.
"MessRa" is composed by Palle Mikkelborg. "Energiduo" is by MM & Fredrik Lundin.

wydano: 2002
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