Mare Balticum, Vol. II - Medieval Finland and Sweden [Hybrid SACD]

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Muzyka Barokowa
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The first recording of the 4 part series „Mare Balticum“ including medieval music from countries around the baltic sea just received the ICMA (International Classical Music Award). With volume 1 presenting music from Denmark volume 2 is dedicated to 14th – 16th Finland and Sweden.

Such excellent editorial and artistical achievements need special, inventive characters. Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett creates astonishing and persuasive ideas like the one of this series. She digs out works where others do not even know what to dig for. She makes them playable. And as a musician thoroughly she presents these pieces with her colleagues as a feast for the ears. And the whole in TACET Real Surround Sound!
TACET Real Surround Sound & stereo.

ensemble Peregrina

Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett: voice, direction

1. Jesus Christus Lunastajam’
2. Ieremie prophetie
3. Ave maris stella
4. Herra armahda
5. Iesus Christus nostra salus
6. Summe Trinitati - V. Prestet nobis gratiam
7. Sicut spinarum - V. Assiste spes nostra
8. Perenniter - V. Overe dilectionis
9. Palluerunt - V. O immensam charitatem
10. Maria Maria tocius
11. Benedicamus Domino suam matrem
12. Cetus noster letus esto
13. All. Pie presul
14. Ramus virens olivarum
15. All. O sponsa Cristi
16. Olim spinas - V. Dum luxit Suecie
17. Gaude Birgitta canticum
18. All. O doctrix ewangelica
19. Felix parens Vesgocia
20. All. Helene Vesgocie
21. Rosa rorans bonitatem
22. Olla mortis patescit
23. O Jumalan caritza
24. Iucundare iugiter

wydano: 2019-09-29
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