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Soul / Funk
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui
Lee Fields kompletnie ignoruje współczesne trendy i dlatego jego comeback po latach wydaje się szczery, podobnie jak wrzucane tu i tam zamiast fucków teksty w rodzaju "A man is incomplete without a lady in his life" - taki stosunek do kobiet jest równie obcy dzisiejszym gwiazdom soulu, co maniery przy stole. Jego comebackowy album jest pokryty patyną i ma w sobie naturalną elegancję i szyk, którego brakuje współczesnym wykonawcom. Zero plastiku. W wywiadach Fields przyznaje się do fascynacji Jayem-Z a nagrywa z muzykami The Budos Band i Antibalas - brzmieniem nie odstaje wiele od klasyków z Motown, i ma porównywalny ogień.

Lee Fields story:
Lee was born and raised in the small town of Wilson, North Carolina,one of 4 children. He spent his adolescence years singing in church and listening to R&B Artists such as James Brown, The Temptations, Eddie Floyd, Otis Redding and the classic sound of 60's Memphis. He joined a few racial balance groups in the South and began playing college circuits that included East Carolina University, Duke University and Georgia Tech. By the late sixties, Lee began his singing career, working with bands which would lay the foundation for funk music including Kool and the Gang, Sammy Gordon and the Hip-Huggers, and Little Royal.

Renowned throughout the global Funk community, Lee Fields has poured his grunts and screams over a legacy of funk and soul hits from the early seventies, including such 45 rpm classics as She's a Lovemaker, The Bullis Coming, and The Funky Screw, not to mention his well sought after Let's Talk It Over LP. This LP draws four digit bids from collectors worldwide. His recordings with the hard funk purists at TRUTH & SOUL, Desco, and Daptone Records in recent years has solidified his place as the King of contemporary funk music as well.

When Truth & Soul started as a record label in 2004, the first mission of label owners Jeff Silverman and Leon Michels, was to record a sweet soul record that would be modeled after the near perfect formula that bands like The Moments, The Delfonics, and The Stylistics had created. Music that was both tough as nails and sweet as honey. Music with laced with lush strings and smooth vocal harmonies layered over hard-hitting rhythms. Michels and Silverman called in a few trusty associates, which included singer Lee Fields, and recorded the single "Do You Love Me" b/w "Honey Dove". What happened in the studio was pure magic and thus, The Expressions were born.

Fast forward almost two years and The Expressions featuring Lee Fields have successfully created a unique and personal sound that can hold court with the bands they set out to emulate. However, what was created in the process goes beyond just a carbon copy of a sweet soul music. The music has developed into a deeply soulful mix of old and new. The formula stayed the same but the style has been adapted for the ears of people who didn't grow up on Al Green or Sam Cooke. Elements of modern music have crept their way into the mix to create something entirely fresh and unique. The Expressions have surely lived up to the name, each song they make is choked full of raw emotion that permeates deep through your ear hole straight to the soul.

Editor's info:
Truth & Soul Records is proud to announce the re-release of Lee Fields Problems. The sonic palette of this record reaches far and wide, ranging from the rampaging psychedelic funk of "Bad Trip" to the softer introspective sounds of "Honey Dove", but that's just the beginning. The album opens up with "The Right Thing", a gripping tale of love found and love lost, set to the super heavy popcorn meets afro-funk backbeat. In "I Don't Know Where I'm going (But I know Where I Came From) the lays down a super heavy, Bobby Byrd-esque groove with Lee emoting frankly about perils people face and about finding your own way. We find our way to the title track, "Problems" a meditation on many of the trials and tribulations that Lee himself has had to overcome over the years. The band supports him with solid, take-no-prisoners guitar, heavy bass and a mouth watering drum break that will have producers funning to their samples. "You Made A New Man Out Of Me" gives drummer Olu "Rocksteady" Owudemi the chance to lay down a drum beat that would make Clyde Stubblefield proud. The rest of the band follows his lead with succinct stabs of guitar and horns, while Lee floats over the top, giving thanks to the woman who changed his evil ways. "Rapping with Lee" finds Mr. Fields delivering a heartfelt discourse on how to keep and love one lady in a humorous and heartfelt way that only he could do. The fills in around him, with sweet horns and Fender Rhodes chiming in over a tough funk groove. Lee takes a break on "Clap Your Hands", letting the band get down to business, with a heavy, happy party track that is a sure fire hit on dance floors worldwide. On "Honey" Lee pays tribute to his lifetime love over a slow, organ filled groove that hits hard and won't let up. Last but not least "Near East" is another instrumental track by the band. They expand their sound, capturing an eastern feel and groove while still creating that innate funk toughness that The Explorers are famous for. Long out of print and highly coveted, we are happy to release the CD in a paste-on gatefold cover.

Lee Fields-vocals
The Del-Larks-backing vocals
Leon Michels-guitar, keys, saxophone
Thomas Brenneck-guitar, bass
Quincy Bright-bass
Nick Movshon-drums, bass
Homer Steinweiss-drums
Toby Pazner-vibraphone, keys
Micahel Leonhart-trumpet, mellophone
Aaron Johnson-trombone
Garo Yellin-cello
Rachel Garb-violin
Rico Reese-violin
Amy Adams-viola
Yoshi-congas, percussion

1. Problems
2. The Right Thing
3. Rapping With Lee
4. Bad Trip
5. Get On The Good Foot
6. I Don't Know Where I'm Going
7. Clap Your Hands
8. Honey Dove
9. I'm The Man
10. You Made A New Man Out Of Me

wydano: 2010-11-10
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