Good Morning Universe [Vinyl 1LP 10'', limited edition 300]

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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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The 10" EP vinyl Good Morning Universe features an ad-hoc double trio - Beger and Netzer on tenor saxes, Hazan and bass player Nadav Masel, who plays here the custom-made 5-stringed cello called Hamsa, and drummers Peskoff and Ofer Bymel. This sextet was recorded at the Levontin 7 club in Tel Aviv on February 2017.

Hazan’s four compositions offer different strategies for free-improvisation based on complex, layered rhythmic patterns. The first, passionate “Densho” (in Japanese: to pass to the next generation) begins with Beger and Netzer sketching a brief melodic theme but allowing the expanded rhythm section to keep shaping and shifting the restless pulse, before they all gravitate towards a powerful coda.

“Compassion” offers a similar kind of loose interplay but this time rooted in a lyrical theme. The second side begins with “Courtesy”, where the intimate, talkative saxes of Beger and Netzer lead the sextet with a searching, chamber improvisation. Only on the last piece “Hope” the double trio builds a playful, burning groove.
By Eyal Hareuveni

Albert Beger - tenor saxophone
Eyal Netzer - tenor saxophone
Shay Hazan - double bass
Nadav Masel - “Hamsa” (5 stringed custom cello)
Haim E. Peskoff - drums
Ofer Bymel - drums

A1. Densho
A2. Compassion
B1. Courtesy
B2. Hope

wydano: 2018-07
nagrano: Recorded at Levontin7, Tel-Aviv, Israel on the 17th February, 2017
Recorded by Nitzan Levi
Mixed by Ronald Boersen

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