Early in the Mornin'

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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The Blues is and always has been a source of inspiration for Samuel Blaser. Touched by the expressiveness of this style, the multi-faceted virtuoso trombonist uses all the resources of today’s jazz and yesterday’s to make its heritage bear fruit in a contemporary vision. Early in the Mornin’, produced by Robert Sadin, aims to celebrate the universality of the Blues and takes its place as a unique album midway between jazz and modern urban music. On this album, Samuel Blaser reinterprets the tunes that lie at the origin of the Blues, derived from work songs, country music or English and Irish folk music. Hailed several times by The New York City Jazz Record, Downbeat and Jazz Magazine as one of the trombonists and composers who count today, Samuel Blaser is a musician sensitive to the character of simple melodic lines, who seeks to widen the musical scope of his instrument while preserving the personal touch of his tone quality.

Samuel Blaser (trombone)
Russ Lossing (keys)
Masa Kamaguchi (bass)
Gerry Hemingway (drums)

guests: Oliver Lake (alto sax), Wallace Roney (trumpet)

01. Early in the Mornin' (feat. Oliver Lake)
02. Creepy Crawler
03. Tom Sherman's Barroom
04. Murderer's Home
05. The Carpenter (feat. Wallace Roney)
06. Levee Camp Moan Blues (feat. Wallace Roney & Oliver Lake)
07. Klaxon
08. Mal's Blues
09. Black Betty
10. Lonesome Road Blues

wydano: 2018-10

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