The Evidence - Works for Medieval Guitar

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A natural question arises from the rich iconography of stringed, wind or percussion ensembles and chant in the Middle Ages: how did a citole or lute performer behave when facing a medieval piece on its own, given that this music was not written for any particular instrument? It is almost impossible to assert that the medieval musician did not face this repertoire as a soloist but all the iconographic evidence seems to indicate that both collective and soloist interpretation were possible in this period.

“THE EVIDENCE” is the title of the first chapter of one of the most important books about the interpretation of dance music from the medieval period: “Medieval Instrumental Dances” (Indiana Press). In his book, Professor Timothy J. McGee explores the interpretation of this genre, confronting the principles of the medieval theorist Johannes de Grocheio with performance practice, examples of iconography (mainly sculptures and paintings) and literary references.

The result is the work that you have in your hands: The Medieval Art of the Plectrum.

José Luis Pastor: spanish lute (13th century), citola vihuela de penola, cinfonia, spanish lute (14th century), medieval guitar

1. CSM 384- CSM 2
2. Stella Spendens
3. Danza Inglesa
4. El Lamento de Tristano/ La Rotta
5. De Toutes Flours
6. CSM 179 - CSM 322
7. La VII Estampida Real
8. Douce Dame Jolie
9. Inperayritz de la ciutat Iojosa
10. Saltarello
11. CSM 393 - CSM 353
12. Trotto
13. Estampida Ghaetta
14. Polorum Regina

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