Summer And Winter

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Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's Info:
Two-disc set features works by Bach and original compositions from Loussier's most prolific period

For the past half-century, pianist and composer Jacques Loussier has taken the idioms of jazz and classical music to new frontiers by grafting elements of both into a single innovative sound. For nearly two decades – from the 1950s to the late 1970s – the first incarnation of Loussier's Play Bach Trio took an entirely new and fresh perspective on the works of the revered baroque master and introduced them to a new audience via his crafty jazz interpretations.

But Loussier's hiatus during the late 1980s from the rigors of performing and recording with the trio created room for one of the most prolific periods of his recording career. The fruits of this creative period are captured on Encore! Jacques Loussier Plays Bach, a new two-disc recording from Telarc set for release on October 23, 2007.

Originally recorded in the early 1990s, the set as a whole spotlights Loussier's numerous strengths as both a jazz innovator and a classical composer. Disc 1, recorded in Miraval, France, in 1991, features the new Loussier Trio assembled in the late '80s after the hiatus. This new lineup delivers innovative jazz renditions of J.S. Bach compositions: Little Fugue in G Minor, Concerto in F Minor, Concerto in C Minor, Partita in B-flat Major.

"From the initial notes of the opening ‘Little Fugue in G Minor,' it's obvious that this is music that could never have been played by the original group," says jazz critic Alyn Shipton, who penned the liner notes to the two-disc set. "The years away had allowed Jacques to rethink his music, not only bringing new sounds such as rock rhythms and Caribbean inflections into his work, but combining his improvisations with more genuinely new writing of his own."

"The original group was very much a jazz trio," Loussier observed at the time of the recording. "But now we have other influences which allow us to work together in different ways with so much more freedom. Between us we now have a wider stylistic pattern than ever before."

Disc 2, recorded in Prague at Czech Radio Studio 1 in April 1992, features original classical compositions by Loussier, in which he stays true to the sound of a chamber orchestra, using the string textures familiar from his immersion in the music of the baroque era, but also brings in contemporary resonances, both in the solo parts and in the percussion contributions.

The opening of the violin concerto, "Prague," has resonances of Brazil and Piazzolla, leading up to the dialogue between violin and drums that concludes the movement. That tango sense returns more explicitly in the third movement, after Loussier explores impressionistic ideas in "L'Homme nu." Double stopping and terse exchanges between violin and lower strings conjure up Japanese imagery in the final movement.

"Tableaux venitiens" is a title that speaks for itself, but most interesting musically, in terms of Loussier's development, is the three-part Trumpet Concerto, which bears striking resemblances to Samuel Barber and Aaron Copland at various points throughout the piece.

"This double album," says Shipton, "represents a demonstration of Loussier's coming of age as a composer and the doubly enriched outcomes of his contemplative years away from the limelight, both as player and composer."

Jacques Loussier Trio Plays Bach - Disc 1

1. Little Fugue in G minor

Concerto F minor

2. Allegro
3. Largo
4. Presto

Concerto C minor

5. Allegro
6. Adagio
7. Allegro

Partita in B-flat major

8. Andante-Allemande
9. Courante
10. Sarabande
11. Minuet I
12. Minuet II
13. Gigue

Jacques Loussier - Orginial Compositions - Disc 2

Concerto for Violin and Percussion

1. Prague
2. L'Homme nu
3. Buenos Aires, Tango
4. Tokyo
5. Tableaux venitiens

Trumpet Concerto

6. Allegro
7. Slow
8. Finale

wydano: 2007
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