Burn To Shine 02: Chicago, IL 13.09.2004 [DVD Video]

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Avant rock / Muzyka alternatywna
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's Info:
The second in the Burn to Shine series brings us to lovely Chicago, Illinois. Much like the first installment, we are privy to witness the dying days of a home on the chopping block. To celebrate the brick and mortar's uncelebrated demise, the Burn to Shine crew has enlisted the help of Chicago's biggest and brightest.

If we're going to do a straight-up comparison between the musical stalwarts of D.C. and Chicago to appear in these films, Chicago might win in a tight race. D.C. may have brought along heavy hitters Bob Mould and Ted Leo, but Chicago comes original with their own power sluggers: Wilco, Shellac and Tortoise. You could do no wrong by these three performances alone, but it's the smaller and less recognizable artists who are able to take center stage via a doomed living room.

The performances kick off with The Lonesome Organist's "Catching Flies with Teeth." The anomaly of a man playing keyboards with one hand while playing the drums with the other while sporting an accordion distracts from the song at first, but talent and virtue prevail during the energetic twists and turns of the song. Even the accordion and small percussion interlude is a treat on the eyes and ears. The carnival atmosphere of The Lonesome Organist yields a fantastical element to the doom and gloom of destruction. Meanwhile, Pit er Pat, slowly acquiring a grassroots fan base, steals the show with "The Bog Man." Never has a trio of bass, drums and keys been so lively, yet so demure. The performance is the living image of Burn to Shine: life through death.

Of course, the Wilcos, the Shellacs and the Tortoises need no introduction. Wilco's rendition of "Muzzle of Bees," is one of the tightest performances of the A Ghost is Born track committed to tape. Nels Cline shreds the guitar like any guitar hero should. Shellac's "Steady as She Goes" assaults the ears with full-on rock power. The drumming is powerful, the guitar crisp and the bass heavy. Tortoise closes out the show with "Salt the Skies"- who knew the xylophone could be so cool? The true visual of the performance belongs to the living room, however, as the many members of Tortoise [much like during Wilco's performance] are packed into the tiny space. Still, the tight quarters fail to hamper the spirit.

The show stealer happens to be the house's untimely end. The essence of Burn to Shine lies in the homes on display. To most, these places are just walls and ceilings, but there's a history and a beauty that no amount of film, music or story can capture. You must emulate your hopes and fears, your dreams and nightmares, your past and present into these homes. On the outside, they may appear dilapidated and neglected-on the inside, decades old curtains crookedly hang as paint chips off the walls. Somehow, it's easy to look past it all and find the heart of home. Just a little loving and caring [and maybe In a Fix] could turn these walls into a home. Unfortunately, fate and Caterpillar have their say in the end. All we're left with are the splinters and rubble.

Wilco; Shellac; Tortoise; Freakwater; The Ponys; Red Eyed Legends; Tight Phantomz; Lonesome Organist; Pit er Pat
The Lonesome Organist "Catching Flies With Teeth"
Pit Er Pat "The Bog Man"
Shellac "Steady As She Goes"
The Ponys "Shadow Box"
Wilco "Muzzle Of Bees"
Tight Phantomz "Ninja Talk"
Freakwater "Jewel"
Red Eyed Legends "Je M'appelle Macho"
Tortoise "Salt The Skies"

wydano: 2005-08
nagrano: 13.09.2004
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