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Modern Jazz / Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: digipackowe etui
opis: - ocena * * * * 1/2:
Jakob Anderskov, jeden z filarów europejskiego kreatywnego jazzu przedstawia swoje najnowsze nagranie.
Jest założycielem i liderem formacji (obecnie aktywnych jest 9 grup), poza skandynawskimi muzykami współpracuje z Airto Moreirą, Chrisem Speedem, Frankiem Gratkowskim, Michaelem Formankiem czy Geraldem Cleaverem. Jest muzykiem, za którym trudno nadążyć.

Najnowsza płyta pod wiele mówiącym tytułem "Resonance" rozwija koncepcję "kompozycji w służbie improwizacji". Punktem wyjścia są zatopione w XX-wiecznej literaturze na kameralne, smyczkowe składy kompozycje, które poddane zostały "improwizacyjnej obróbce". Z jednej strony smyczkowe trio w obsadzie skrzypce, altówka i wiolonczela, z drugiej lider na fortepianie i jeden z najciekawszych europejskich drummerów - Peter Bruun (sam znakomity kompozytor) za perkusją tworzą bardzo ciekawą konfigurację.
Zarysowane efektownie pod względem dramaturgicznym kompozycje stają się kapitalną bazą dla improwizacji, zarówno w ujęciu solowym, jak i kolektywnym.

"Resonance" Jakoba Anderskova to płyta wizjonerska i zarazem uduchowiona, ukazująca potencjał, jaki tkwi w europejskiej, akademickiej tradycji, która dla odważnych, eksperymentujących improwizatorów może być źródłem niewyczerpanych inspiracji.
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autor: Mariusz Zawiślak

Editor's info::
Danish pianist, composer and bandleader Jakob Anderskov is inspired by a Miles Davis quotation, “You listen… then you play”.

To react meaningfully with others depends on your ability to take in your surroundings while acting in accordance with who you are. Then you will have genuine interplay! The work method of Anderskov’s group – a string trio, Peter Bruun on drums and percussion, and bandleader Anderskov on piano - is directed towards creating the ideal convergence where each musician’s identity and integrity remains intact.
RESONANCE is the group’s second album. Their first release, STRINGS, PERCUSSION & PIANO, was nominated in the “Special Release” category at the 2013 Danish Music Awards and received glowing reviews as an “outstanding” album.

On his new release, the constantly explorative Anderskov has delved even deeper into the world of pulse and phrasing – yes, feeling! His compositions create a soundscape in which the texture and timbre of the strings become a fully integrated part of the music instead of the superimposed role often delegated to strings in jazz. The rhythm section is allowed improvisational freedom without having to avoid colliding with the strings that join a wonderful dialogue between the imaginative piano playing and the colorful and richly nuanced percussion to create fascinating textural music.

This music may have previously been called “third stream”, an ambitious endeavor to fusion jazz and European compositional music, but also a controversial genre, as many felt that a natural synthesis between the two musical worlds was impossible. Fortunately, the distance between jazz and classical music seems to have dwindled, and there are many interesting and satisfying contributions to jazz and improvisational music in this “third direction”.

Ornette Coleman died while Anderskov was composing the music for the album. Few musicians have meant as much to Jacob Anderskov, so he decided to pay tribute to him with What Reason Could I Give, originally from the legendary SCIENCE FICTION album. The rest of the compositions are Anderskov’s. Hopefully, this album will be experienced as a fruitful combination of the elements of which it consists. Although the music points in many different directions, the listener will hopefully hear it as a spontaneous experience, as extremely meaningful, sometimes magical – as an album that stays with you!

Jacob Anderskov (b.1975) has released close to twenty albums as a bandleader and co-bandleader since his debut in 2001 – mainly for the musicians collective label ILK. RESONANCE is his first Stunt release. Over the years he has received many awards and much recognition locally and internationally as an extraordinary voice in contemporary music.

Jacob Anderskov’s music moves seamlessly between improvisation, new compositional music, jazz, folklore, and classical. It is sometimes pretty, sometimes raw. It can be grandiose or simple, but it always stays with you and is always meaningful. He has performed everywhere in the western world with his own projects consisting of anything from solo performances and free improvisational pieces with small groups to more or less fully composed works for large ensembles.

Jacob Anderskov graduated from the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen in 2002. He studied music science at the University of Copenhagen, and studied with various pianists during a year spent in New York in 1999-2000. Among the groups that he has formed and led and recorded with are Anderskov Accident, Agnostic Revelations, Jacob Anderskov’s Strings, Percussion & Piano, Jacob Anderskov Trio, Airto-Jacob Anderskov Duo, Jacob Anderskov Solo, Jacob Anderskov pa dansk (Jacob Anderskov in Danish), An Auf, and Doctor Structure.

“…this is texturally fascinating music, written and arranged by Anderskov with a fine sense of aesthetic beauty and melodic feeling. But it also conveys a troubled and brooding mood, which aims at more than merely pleasing… This music adds yet another dimension to Anderskov’s already gemmating career, which is followed with interest on the international jazz scene…outstanding!” Review of STRINGS, PERCUSSION & PIANO in Politiken, Denmark

“…one of the most extraordinary artists in modern music.” Jazz Podium, Germany

“Over the past decade or so, pianist Jacob Anderskov has proved one of the most exiting and original voices…deeply modern…” Down Beat, USA

Jacob Anderskov (p)
Karen Johanne Pedersen (vln)
Mette Brandt (viola)
Ida Norholm (cello)
Peter Bruun (d, perc)

1. What Reason Could I Give
2. Resonance
3. 8th Avenue Tranquility
4. Capone
5. Alpha
6. Impermanence II
7. Portrait
8. Open Society

wydano: 2016
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