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premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

seria wydawnicza: Lunatic Fringe Series
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
Raw, wild and untainted, this is a new world envisioned, produced and realized by the mystical figure On Ka'a Davis. Drawing inspiration from the outer realms of Blackness, On Ka'a channels Sun Ra, P-Funk, Hendrix, Fela Kuti and more into the squat politics of the East Village basement jam. Accompanied by a wild array of stylish zanies, freedom rings with poetry, polyrhythmic complexity and primal passions. Another world never imagined possible from the undying, ever growing counter culture crucible of Downtown New York.

Tom Ausburger: Bass, Drums, Percussion
Bopa Carre: Drums, Percussion
Dixie Lee Estes: Backing Singer
Adam Feller: Bass
Nick Gianni: Bass, Fronting Horns, Backing Horns
Radu Ben Judah: Bass
Memuna Kamara: Fronting Singer
Takuma Kanaiwa: Drums, Percussion
Susan Kramer: Backing Singer
Andrew Lamb: Backing Horns
Greg Lewis: Drums, Percussion
Tess Marsalis: Backing Singer
Meg Montgomery: Fronting Horns, Backing Horns, Backing Singer
David Pleasant: Harmonica, Drums, Percussion
Felice Rosser: Backing Singer
Kadiatou Sibi: Fronting Singer
Magama Skosana: Synthesizer Keyboard, Keyboard Bass
Luther Thomas: Grand Piano, Penny Whistle, Synthesizer Keyboard, Fronting Horns, Backing Horns
Wakesha: Backing Singer
Saco Yasuma: Backing Horns

1. Love Mystere
2. We've Been Observing You
3. Voodoo Ultralux
4. Ain't Nobody Teach Nobody Nothin'!
5. Return-Send
6. Music, Conquer, Power!
7. Veve
8. Festival Of Strange Affinity
9. Zero Zero
10. I Stayed Cool
11. Djoukoujou!
12. Hardest Hard
13. X-Ray On NWO
14. Jazz Matazz
15. As If It Were Love

total time - 78:18
wydano: 2009-08
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