Boom In The Night

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  • Fabricante : ROIR [Reach Out International Records] USA
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Post new wave funk / punk early '80s stars of the New York club scene, the Bush Tetras were one of the most popular and exciting groups of the era. Here we have their original studio recordings, 1980-83, remastered by band member/drummer Dee Pop. It includes all their Clash period production work by Topper Headon and Joe Blaney.

"...15 years later, this stuff still sounds like the future." - CMJ

Dee Pop - Drums
Laura Kennedy - Bass
Pat Place - Guitar
Cynthia Sley - Vocals

Don Christenson - Drums
Bob Albertson - Bass

Cowboys in Africa
Things That Go Boom In The Night
You Can't Be Funky
Snakes Crawl
You Taste Like The Tropics
Das Ah Riot
Too Many Creeps
Dum Dum
Stand Up And Fight
Who's Gonna Pay*
It's So Weird*
Funky [Instrumental]

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Very Very Happy
56.99 zł

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