Luz Y Norte

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Muzyka Dawna
premiera polska:
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

6 performers:
Spanish baroque harp, guitars, voice, viola da gamba, percussion, dance

(. . .) The most remarkable concert of 17th-century music I have ever heard!
The audience too were wildly excited after the concert, the ensemble’s CDs were bought up by the box-load (. . .)
Helsingor Dagblad, Copenhagen

A Lantern and Guiding Star, by which one may travel through the music of the Spanish Guitar & Harp.

Ribayaz's collection of Spanish, Italian, South American and African dance-music evokes the spirit of an age of exploration. His book records the standard repertoire of a 17th-century Spanish dance-band, from popular bailes and military tournaments to elegant courtly danzas.

As singer Clara Sanabras and the instrumentalists of The Harp Consort improvise their ornamented melodies - diferencias - to the Latin rhythms and African harmonies of Spanish 17th-century dances, so dancer Steven Player improvises his mudanzas (moves) from the choreographies of 17th-century dance-manuals.

1. Pasacalles
2, Xacaras Por Primer Tono
3. Gallardas
4. Zarambeques
5. Chaconas y Marionas
6. Preludio o Capricho Arpeado
7. Folias
8. Pabanas
9. Espanoletas
10. Achas & Buelta Del Hacha
11. Paradetas
12. Zarabandas
13. Rugero

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