New Ansonia

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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Anglia
opakowanie: plastikowe etui
opis: * * * *
Zjawiskowy debiut kontrabasisty o znajomo brzmiącym nazwisku - Misha Mullov-Abbado przyniesie frajdę fanom akustycznego jazzu.
Syn jednego z największych XX-wiecznych dyrygentów - Claudio Abbado i rosyjskiej skrzypaczki - Viktorii Mullovej muzykę ma we krwi. Jak sam pisze w książeczce do płyty "byłem otoczony muzyką od dnia narodzin, prawdziwym oceanem muzyki. Od Bacha, Byrda, Brahmsa, Stravinsky'ego ale też Counta Basiego czy Stevie'ego Wondera. Bez tej muzyki po prostu bym nie istniał. Słuchanie jej przynosi wielką radość, jednak jeszcze większą przynosi pisanie własnej muzyki"

Misha Mullov-Abbado jest laureatem Kenny Wheeler Music Prize , ukończył Gonville i Caius College w Cambridge, studiował w Royal Academy of Music w Londynie. Jeszcze w Królewskiej Akademii założył kwintet złożony z kolegów: Matthew Herd - alto & soprano saxes, Tom Green - trombone, Jacob Collier - keyboards, percussion i Scott Chapman - drums. Z tym składem ułyszymy go na debiutanckiej płycie. Fantastyczni goście w osobach Jamesa Davisona na trąbce i flugelhornie, Nick Goodwin na gitarze, Matthew Barley na wiolonczeli i gość specjalny, Viktoria Mullova na skrzypcach sprawiają, że muzyka rozbłyska wieloma oryginalnymi blaskami.

Lider okazuje się utalentowanym kompozytorem, od atmosferycznego "Circle Song", stright-ahaedowego, kipiącego klubową energią "Lock, Stock & Shuffle", dostojnego i eleganckiego "Real Eyes Realise Real Lies", po piękny rocznym, magnetycznym urokiem "Heal Me On This Cloudy Day".

"A highly promising début from a major new talent" - The JazzMann

"A gorgeous album which has been filling the Bacon household with that same joy on repeat play for a good few weeks now" - The Jazz Breakfast

"...a young quintet...deliver and then some, with co-producer Julian Joseph adding a professional gloss...this is an impressive work..." - JANE CORNWELL, THE EVENING STANDARD

"Misha Mullov-Abbado, double-bassist son of the Italian classical conductor Claudio Abbado and Russian violinist Viktoria Mullova, won the Kenny Wheeler jazz prize for composition at the Royal Academy of Music last year. This accomplished debut mix of updated Ellingtonian ensemble colours, luxurious ballads and punchy swing shows why. It s played by an elegant quintet, augmented by guests (including his mum) and given extra adrenaline by the presence of the versatile and now famous Jacob Collier on piano. Mullov-Abbado couples a melodic gift with a mature balance of complex orchestration and jazz looseness. The lilting, bass-led waltz Circle Song has something of the folk-melodic grace of Avishai Cohen s music, while Lock, Stock and Shuffle struts with the broad-grin swing of a 1960s hard-bop band. Almost through-written tone poems of fragile sax figures cushioned by trombone harmonies turn to free-jazz thrashes, classical cello and violin chords introduce billowing ballads, and the leader s big, supportive bass sound pulses securely beneath it all. It s an impressive debut" - The Guardian 4 / 5 stars

Editor's info:
New Ansonia is the debut album from bassist and composer Misha Mullov-Abbado. Son of the late, great Italian conductor Claudio Abbado and Russian violinist Viktoria Mullova, British-born Mullov-Abbado grew up in a powerfully musical environment, a unique upbringing that has inspired Misha to create his own musical identity and tell his own compelling story. This, his debut album, demonstrates gifts that are uniquely his own and is full of unusual colours, leaps of imagination and a strong sense of character. New Ansonia clearly defines the path Misha intends to follow both as a composer and performer of exceptional ability. As Kenny Wheeler Music Prize judge Evan Parker put it, this is ‘the beginning of a journey of an outstanding individual’.

To achieve his musical goals Misha has brought together a wealth of young talent from the vibrant and creative London jazz scene with a front line of alto saxophonist Matthew Herd and trombonist Tom Green and alongside him in the rhythm section YouTube sensation & Quincy Jones protégé Jacob Collier on keys and drummer Scott Chapman.

Described by the London Jazz Website as ‘a hugely promising talent’, Mullov-Abbado showcases his diverse and wide-ranging skills as a bandleader and composer on New Ansonia. Listen to the opening track and you’ll be introduced to the melodic, widescreen ‘Circle Song’ followed by the rhythmically bristling and upbeat, ‘Lock Stock & Shuffle’. The title track ‘New Ansonia’ is exuberant and joyful while ‘Heal Me on This Cloudy Day’ introduces a sombre note – Mullov-Abbado wrote this song for his father’s funeral, demonstrating the emotional maturity and strength of character that suffuses this fine debut.

With a strong sense of song, evolving with dramatic twists, shifting dynamics and moods, New Ansonia is an exceptional debut – colourful, bursting with character, grooves, melody and inventive soloing.

MATTHEW HERD: alto saxophone
TOM GREEN: trombone

JAMES DAVISON: trumpet and flugelhorn (tracks 3 and 4)
NICK GOODWIN: electric guitar (tracks 4 and 5)
VIKTORIA MULLOVA: violin (track 7)
MATTHEW BARLEY: cello (track 7)

1. Circle Song 7.07
2. Lock, Stock & Shuffle 7.22
3. Real Eyes Realise Real Lies 7.56
4. New Ansonia 7.52
5. Satan, Oscillate My Metallic Sonatas 8.18 6. Ode To King Michael 4.30
7. Heal Me On This Cloudy Day 5.06
8. September 8.47
9. Just Another Love Song 10.44

total time - 55:58
wydano: 28th August 2015
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