Walkin´ [Bonus Tracks]

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Straightahead / Mainstream Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
The complete classic album Walkin' plus a version of 'I'll Remember April' that completes the second session. As a bonus, additional studio recordings of Miles with J. J. Johnson (his co-leader on 'Walkin" and 'Blue 'n' Boogie'), recorded a couple of years earlier and a rare live quartet version of 'Walkin". Includes 12-page booklet.

Walkin' was (and is) a key album in Miles Davis' discography. It contains the product of two rather different sessions. The first date (which is actually the second chronologically) yielded just two tracks, although they were long enough to fill up one side of an LP. The other session produced four titles, three of which ('Solar', 'You Don't Know What Love Is' and 'I'll Remember April') were originally issued on a 10-inch LP. These recordings were made at the beginnings of the LP era, and as Ira Gitler notes, many albums (and these sessions are one example) were first issued on 10-inch discs. When the regular size for a disc soon became 12 inches, the decision was made to couple both sessions on the now classic album Walkin'. However, 'I'll Remember April' was now too long to fit on an LP side with the two other issued tunes. Instead, it was replaced with the shorter 'Love Me or Leave Me'. 'I'll Remember April' was then included on yet another 12- inch LP: Blue Haze. The current release compiles both of these sessions in their entirety.
As a bonus to this amazing album, we have included a complete session (master takes only) by Miles recorded the previous year. It also features J. J. Johnson on trombone and has the exact same instrumentation as the celebrated 'Walkin" and 'Blue 'N' Boogie' recordings. A live version of 'Walkin' in quartet format recorded in Switzerland in 1956 rounds out our CD.

Tracks 1-2:
Miles Davis: trumpet
J. J. Johnson: trombone
Lucky Thompson: tenor sax;
Horace Silver: piano
Percy Heath: bass;
Kenny Clarke: drums
Hackensack, New Jersey, April 25, 1954.

Tracks 3-6:
Miles Davis: trumpet
Dave Schildkraut: alto sax
Horace Silver: piano
Percy Heath: bass
Kenny Clarke: drums.
Hackensack, New Jersey, April 3, 1954.

Tracks 7-12:
Miles Davis: trumpet
J. J. Johnson: trombone
Jimmy Heath: tenor sax
Gil Coggins: piano
Percy Heath: bass
Art Blakey: drums
New York, April 20, 1953.

Track 13:
Miles Davis: trumpet
René Urtréger: piano
Pierre Michelot: bass
Christian Garros: drums
Switzerland, November 19, 1956.

1. Walkin' 13:26
2. Blue 'N' Boogie 8:17
3. Solar 4:44
4. You Don't Know What Love Is 4:23
5. Love Me Or Leave Me 6:58
6. I'll Remember April 7:51
7. Kelo 3:18
8. Enigma 3:23
9. Ray's Idea 3:45
10. Tempus Fugit 3:51
11. C.T.A. 3:35
12. I Waited For You 3:31
13. Walkin' 2:35

total time - 69:45
wydano: 2009-08
nagrano: 1953-1956
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