A Thousand Nights and a Night (Shadow Nights 2)

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seria wydawnicza: tylko na kanadę

Machina 01/2000 Typ Machiny
'... Hanrahan wywodzi się z kręgów nowojorskiej awangardy, komponuje, buszuje w perkusjonaliach, czasem śpiewa. Do realizacji interdyscyplinarnych projektów zaprasza muzyków o różnej proweniencji, którym daje wolną rękę w interpretacji swych niecodziennych pomysłów ...'

Telerama - Płyta Miesiąca

All Music Guide:
The bad news: Kip Hanrahan uses volume three of his adaptation of the Thousand and One Nights as a statement on economic powerlessness, reducing his narrative voices to rote Noam Chomsky sound-alikes. The good news: Shadow Nights, Vol. 2 features one of the hottest percussion sections since Max Roach and Gene Krupa recorded together. Particularly on "Commerce" (be warned, the title is typical of this album), drummers Negro Horacio Hernandez, Roby Ameen, and J.T. Lewis play together with an extraordinary mix of precision and abandon. Shadow Nights, Vol. 2 is mostly for Kip Hanrahan diehards -- but don't miss those drums. - [Peter Nappi]

Robert Ameen - Drums
Anthony Carrillo - Conga
Richie Flores - Quinto
D.D. Jackson - Piano
J.T. Lewis - Drums
Paoli Mejias - Quinto
Don Pullen - Organ, Piano
Fernando Saunders - Bass
Alfredo Triff - Violin

1. Shahrazade Watches Birds Through an Alabaster Ceiling 1:19
2. The Jinniya Sleeps on the Alabaster Cealing, the Coolness of the Stone... 1:19
3. Birds Through the Alabaster Cealing 1:26
4. The Illusion of Commerce :09
5. The Jinn of Class :41
6. The Lie of the Posibility of Fairness in Contracts in Capitalism :13
7. Fear :09
8. Commerce 8:46
9. The Tale of the Youth Behind Whom Indian and Chinese Music Was Played, And 9:34
10. Accurracy of Location in Shahrazade's Shadow Night 12:19
11. Faith and Resolve 00:10
12. The Man Who Stole the Golden Plate from Which the Dog Had Eaten 1:19
13. Ishaak of Mosul, His Mistress and the Devil 1:26
14. Shahrazade and the Forming of the Next Day 8:13

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