John Zorn: Amon - The Book Of Angels, volume 24

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Jewish / Ethno Jazz / Surf Jazz / Downtown scene
premiera polska:
seria wydawnicza: Radical Jewish Culture
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: Meksyk
opakowanie: digipackowe etui
opis: - ocena: * * * * 1/2:
Po znakomitym albumie "Siete" z 2011 roku, który był trzecim w dyskografii zespołu przyszedł czas na płytę w repertuarze Johna Zorna, w serii The Book Of Angels.
To już 24 tom w konsekwentnie rozrastającej się, kompozytorskiej serii Johna Zorna.
Interpretacji 'Księgi Aniołów' Johna Zorna próbowało już wielu: Medeski, Martin & Wood, Jamie Saft, Masada String Trio, Jon Madof Zion 80, David Krakauer, Marc Ribot, Eyvind Kang, a nawet Pat Metheny. Teraz wyzwanie podjął 16-osobowy kolektyw genialnych muzykantów z Meksyku, od Oaxaca do Veracruz. Ścisłe gatunkowe ramy nie mają tutaj zastosowania. Klezmerson, pod wodzą Benjamina Shwartza, kompozytora, altowiolinisty i pianisty, wypracowali własne brzmienie. Ze sprawnością ulicznych kuglarzy łącząc jazzowe frazowanie, funkową pulsację oraz mieszankę oldskulowej tropicany spod znaku Henry'ego Manciniego i Xaviera Cugata. Błyskotliwa wizja żydowsko-kubańskiej muzyki, jako bezpretensjonalnej, łobuzerskiej i lekko zawianej muzyki rozrywkowej, oczywiście raczej spod znaku pozdmodernistycznego nowojorskiego downtownu niż popularnych etnojazzowej konfekcji.
autor: Dawid Malanowski

Editor's info:
Get ready to be blown out of your seat! Klezmerson has created one of the most astonishing installments of the entire Angels series-a spectacular reading of Masada material drawing upon the rich tradition of Mexican music from Oaxaca to Veracruz. Touching upon Henry Mancini, Xavier Cugat, psyche- delia and so much more, this is without doubt one of the wildest, most creative, flamboyant and masterful readings of Masada material since the Secret Chiefs 3. The work of a maestro in total control of his craft, Amon takes Masada to unimagined places! Essential.

Chatran Gonzalez-percussion | Juan Manuel Ledezma-guitar | Maria Emilia Martinez-Flute, Vocals | Carlos Mercado-drums, percussion | Benjamin Shwartz-piano, keyboards, viola | Daniel Zlotnik-saxes, clarinets | Marco Renteria-bass

Based out of Mexico City, Klezermson fuses Klezmer melodies and rhythms with Gypsy, Middle Eastern, and Latin American influences. This mixture results in an explosion reminiscent of rock, funk, and jazz improvisation over the Klezmer musical fabric. This eclectic gyspy-jazz ensemble will ignite the Bride’s stage as we close out our Spring 2014 season on a warm Sunday summer evening.


In 2003, Benjamin Shwartz (composer, violist and pianist) founded KLEZMERSON in order to explore and create a new type of Klezmer music from a Jewish-Mexican standpoint.

The band, does so by gracefully combining melodies and rhythms from Eastern Europe’s Jewish musical tradition (called Klezmer) and playfully infusing it with Gypsy, Middle Eastern and Latin American influences. The resulting sound is a fusion of Rock, Funk and Jazz improvisations over a Klezmer theme.

Back in 2005, KLEZMERSON released their self titled album “Klezmerson,” it was met with widespread critical acclaim and unprecedented success among a very eclectic audience. Rock, Jazz and World Music fans alike began to follow the evolution of the band. In 2008, the long anticipated release of their second album, entitled “Klezmerol”, is a testament to the band’s growth creatively, as they delve deeper into exploring the connections between Klezmer music and more traditional Latin American sounds.

The band’s third album, “Siete” (2011), was released on New York musical authority John Zorn’s prestigious label – Tzadik – and brought KLEZMERSON international exposure and worldwide acclaim.

Their most recent album “Klezmerson Live CD+DVD”, captures Klezmerson’s mastery of their craft as well as the energy of their live performances. They are currently working on their fifth album, which has yet to be formally announced.
MEXICO CITY – Getting to know a group like Klezmerson is an adventure that is worth the effort in many senses. Not only because their music is an opportunity to enjoy unexpected moments, but also how the instruments and rhythms connect inviting further comprehension of their origin.
With almost 300 people in attendance, the experimental music group presented their most recent production on April 30 at Bajo Circuito, a setting as alternative as its presentations.
On this occasion Klezmerson had much more to celebrate.
The Mexican band was selected by renowned U.S. experimental musician and instrumentalist John Zorn to interpret a series of melodies as part of the Book of Angels project, which the prolific composer has been developing since the 1990s as part of his previous Masada quartet.
Book of Angels is an international project in which Zorn selects musicians or groups to interpret the melodies, or “angels” as he calls them. The musician from New York has over 300 compositions in his songbook, representing 24 volumes so far.
The new production by Klezmerson, Amon, is the 24th volume in the project which has been distributed and developed with musicians all over the world.
Klezmerson is a Mexican musical group which interprets compositions with influence from traditional western European Jewish music and traditional Mexican music. Based on klezmer music and Mexican folk, the group has created a unique sound which seeks to express the mix of cultures which is manifest in various aspects of the Judeo-Mexican culture.
"My music tries to reflect who I am,” Klezmerson creator and producer Benjami´n Shwartz said in an interview with The News. “It is the mix of two cultures that have so many things in common.
“I try to reflect what is inside of me, that I have a mix of both cultures, from enchiladas to gefilte fish,” he said.
Amon is a selection of nine unedited themes from the Masada collection, which were selected by Zorn to create the new volume, titled for the demon Amon from the Judeo-Christian tradition, considered the guardian of the gates to hell, according to the young Mexican musician.
“It is about a demon, but it is part of the Book of Angels because the demons were also angels, fallen angels, as I understand,” Shwartz said.
The relationship between Zorn and Klezmerson began in 2010, when thanks to the contact of famous Brazilian musician Cyro Baptista, Shwartz and his group recorded their third studio album, Siete, at Tzadik studios, founded in 2011 by Zorn.
The same year, Zorn was in Mexico presenting his Moonchild concert and contacted Shwartz about Klezmerson recording the 24th volume of Book of Angels.
Shwartz’s reaction was met with great surprise and satisfaction because the collaboration was unprecedented in the environment of experimental Mexican music, he said.
The result is an interesting rhythmic proposal with unique energy and sounds which create an immediate feeling of satisfaction for the audience.
From somewhat traditional preludes, every piece changes into an expressive mix full of risky but decidedly enjoyable rhythmic interruptions. Furthermore, the use of traditional instruments like jaranas, leonas and percussion creates an unmistakable sound which is the true identity of Klezmerson.
Shwartz described his work as “a salad with many ingredients, like one of those dishes that comes out on accident.”
For Klezmerson and the producer, Amon is a project which allowed the musicians to grow as a group and diffuse their ideas which combine Mexican culture, traditional Jewish music, jazz and rock.
Without any particular objective, but the desire to interpret and diffuse their music, Klezmerson has been part of the Mexican experimental music scene for more than 10 years with a popular and beloved discography for fans of the genre.
During the event last Thursday, the group interpreted the nine themes which make up the production and also announced the creation of a composition book to accompany the album.
In addition to Shwartz, who is in charge of arrangements and production, Klezmerson is made up of Chali Mercado, Mari´a Emilia Marti´nez, Juan Manuel Ledezma, Dan Zlotnik, Marco Renteri´a, Carina Lo´pez and Chatra´n Gonza´lez. The new album also features Gustavo Nandayapa, Osiris Caballero Leo´n, Rolando Morejo´n, Alex Otaola, Natalia Pe´rez, Moise´s Garci´a, Homero Santiago and Rodrigo Santoyo.
BY ARMANDO RODRI´GUEZ - * * * * / * * * * *:
Voila le disque qui fera rigoler le fan de Zorn, au fait des 600 disques et quelques d'une oeuvre prolifique et multidirectionnelle (ben oui ça doit bien exister des dingues pareils) : De la musique juive jouée par un orchestre mexicain (Klezmerson ) de 15 musiciens ! et composée par un fan de free jazz, de hardcore et de BO de film ! Ah elle est bien bonne ! Et pourquoi pas un album des Melvins avec une contrebasse (ah zut, ça existe), ou la mélodie de "Final Countdown" des ignobles hardeux FM Europe jouée au kazoo par des punks (merde, ça aussi ça existe) ? Quelques mots d'explication quand meme…

Zorn a sans doute eu le mauvais gout d'arborer sur scene un pantalon militaire, mais, quand il redécouvre ses racines juives dans les années 90, il opte d'emblée pour le métissage contre le repli identitaire : Marc Ribot jouera dans Kristallnacht, et son quartette Masada est une rencontre entre Ornette Coleman et la musique Klezmer. Le niveau du quartette est tout a fait hallucinant (Greg Cohen, qui joue pour Tom Waits, est un contrebassiste prodigieux), et les dix albums studios trouveront leur apothéose dans une formation électrifiée ou l'on retrouve Ribot, mais aussi Trevor Dunn (ex m. Bungle !) a la basse : Electric Masada.

Quand on sait ça, on n'est donc pas étonné de voir Zorn confier une dizaine de themes Klezmer a un orchestre mexicain ! Ici nous avons affaire au volume 24 du Book of Angels, qui fait honneur a quelques uns des 300 themes que Zorn a écrit une bonne fois pour toutes, et qu'il arrange ou fait arranger au fil des volumes de ce Book. Faites le compte : 10 themes par disque, ça fait 24 fois 10=240, on en voit presque le bout !

Au programme donc un sacré cocktail : des mélodies composées sur des modes orientaux avec leurs intervalles exotiques pas d'chez nous, des riffs de cuivres généreux et des percussions latines en veux- tu en voila, une grosse basse électrique, des violons frémissants et des flutes traversieres dignes des meilleures BO de films d'espionnage. Mais aussi des moments free, forcément, entre deux pas de mambo. C'est tout le mérite de Klezmerson d'avoir conçu ces arrangements dignes de l'univers zornien, et on se rappelle notamment sa prédilection pour Morricone, Barry, Goldsmith, Mancini, ses tentatives de scénariser la musique, de rendre le montage en musique en pratiquant le jump cut (Godard/Spillane).
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Moises Garcia: Trumpet
Chatran Gonzalez: Percussion
Juan Manuel Ledezma: Guitar, Requinto, Leona
Osiris Caballero Leon: Violin, Jarana
Carina Lopez: Bass
Maria Emilia Martinez: Flute
Chali Mercado: Drums
Rolando Morejon: Violin
Gustavo Nandayapa: Drums, Percussion
Alex Otaola: Guitar
Natalia Perez: Cello
Marco Renteria: Bass
Homero Santiago: Trombone
Rodrigo Santoyo: Oud
Benjamin Shwartz: Viola, Piano, Organ, Jaranas
Dan Zlotnik: Saxophones, Clarinet

1. Samchia
2. Iahmel
3. Abachta
4. Yefefiah
5. Mashith
6. Sehibiel
7. Zikiel
8. Kabshiel
9. Amabiel

total time - 43:28
wydano: 2015-02-23
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