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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui
opis:; 2008-12, ocena: * * * * *
'...Pomysł na ten album zalągł się w głowie dziennikarza i muzyka Mike'a Zwerina. Piosenki Weila są wdzięcznym tematem do interpretacji - jego muzyka brzmi salonowo, konformistycznie, ale pod grzeczną oprawą czyha pułapka. W sekstecie Orchestry USA spotkały się same gwiazdy ówczesnej jazzowej sceny alternatywnej. Oczekiwane sysonanse generuje genialny Eric Dolphy, a jego sola na alcie i klarnecie basowym są niczym ciosy żyletką zadawane w potrójny podbród jazzowej konserwy...'
[Tymon Tymański]

Editor's info:
The complete Mike Zwerin album presenting modern jazz musicians playing the music of Kurt Weill. Eric Dolphy and John Lewis were the stars of half of this album (Dolphy died before the second session was scheduled in 1965). As a bonus, all of the other small group studio recordings by Dolphy and Lewis playing together.
Includes 8-page booklet
Originally issued in different conceptual albums which included music from several sessions and with many variations in personnel, the small group collaborations between Eric Dolphy and John Lewis had never been previously compiled on a single set. The current CD, however, contains all of them. Apart from this material, the two musicians only collaborated on the following projects: the big band Orchestra U.S.A. album (already reissued on LHJ 10117 under the name of John Lewis and presenting the complete Stereo and Mono versions); an 11-piece band session including oboe and bassoon (including Dolphy on just two tracks, in none of which does he play any solo), and a somewhat controversial live recording - a private performance taped with amateur equipment during a December 2, 1961 jam session in Munich. It is controversial because, although Dolphy's presence is indisputable, the identity of the pianist has been frequently questioned. Different names have been proposed, including those of Lalo Schifrin (who himself denied having participated on that session) and McCoy Tyner. The latest research, however, states that John Lewis is the mysterious and badly recorded pianist. While the jam (if the pianist is indeed Lewis) presents head arrangements of well known standards, the material featured on the Dolphy-Lewis studio collaborations consists mainly of compositions by Gary McFarland and John Lewis, a single track by music producer Arif Mardin (1932-2006, he was an American of Turkish origin), and further arrangements of three theatrical tunes by the tandem of Kurt Weill-Bertolt Brecht. These three songs were originally included on the album Mack the Knife and other Berlin Theatre Songs of Kurt Weill, along with similar songs recorded at a different session on June 1, 1965. The current CD presents this album in its entirety, along with all known alternate takes (unfortunately there are no alternates for the tunes with Lewis and Dolphy), even though at the second session there's no piano player, and Eric Dolphy was already dead by this time (he died of a diabetic coma in Berlin on June 29, 1964).

Tracks 1-10:
SEXTET OF ORCHESTRA U.S.A.: Theatre Songs of Kurt Weill
Tracks 1-3: Sextet of Orchestra U.S.A.:
Eric Dolphy: alto saxophone, flute
Nick Travis: trumpet
Mike Zwerin: bass trumpet
John Lewis: piano
Richard Davis: bass
Connie Kay: drums
New York, January 10, 1964.

Tracks 4-10:
Thad Jones: cornet
Mike Zwerin: bass trumpet
Jerome Richardson: alto saxophone, clarinet
Jimmy Raney: guitar
Richard Davis: bass
Connie Kay: drums
New York, June 1, 1965.

Tracks 11-13:
Eric Dolphy: alto saxophone, flute
Benny Golson: tenor saxophone
Jimmy Giuffre: baritone saxophone
Herb Pomeroy: trumpet
Gunther Schuller: French horn
John Lewis: piano
Jim Hall: guitar
George Duvivier: bass
Connie Kay: drums
New York, September 8, 1960.

1. Alabama Song 5:25
2. Havana Song 6:18
3. As You Make Your Bed 5:27
4. Mack The Knife 5:07
5. Bilbao Song 3:49
6. Barbara Song 5:07
7. Pirate Jenny 3:37
8. Mack The Knife [Alternate Take] 4:52
9. Bilbao Song [Alternate Take] 3:47
10. Pirate Jenny [Alternate Take] 4:25
11. The Stranger 5:41
12. Afternoon In Paris 9:58
13. Night Float 4:20

total time - 67:52
wydano: 2008-10
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