I Should Care [2CD]

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Pianistyka Jazzowa
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
2CD set
An impressive collection of studio sessions by the Duke Jordan Trio, recorded both in New York and Copenhagen.
All brilliantly recorded, most of these sides are hard to find and three songs appear here on CD for the first time ever.
Includes 8-page booklet.
Born Irving Sidney Jordan in New York on April 1, 1922, Duke Jordan was a highly creative and elegant pianist who never received due recognition for his skills. He initially studied classical music prior to hearing the work of his first musical idol Teddy Wilson, at which point he devoted himself to jazz. Jordan was also a fan of Bud Powell, and of Duke Ellington, after whom he named himself. He is mostly remembered today for his collaborations to Charlie Parker's 1947-48 seminal recordings. Although he played a lot as a solo and trio artist in the 1970s, and was warmly received in Europe and Japan, he felt a certain lack of recognition in his own country. For that reason he finally decided to move to Europe, becoming a resident of Copenhagen, Denmark, where he remained from 1978 until his death on August 8, 2006. He passed away at his Copenhagen home at the age of 84. Our 2CD set compiles a rich collection of rarely heard trio selections spanning nearly a decade of Jordan's career.

Duke Jordan: piano

CD 1, track 1:
Sam Jones: bass
Al Foster: drums
New York, March 16, 1973.

CD 1, tracks 2-4:
Lloyd Buchanan: bass
Brian Brake: drums
New York, April 23, 1973.

CD 1, track 5:
Sam Jones: bass
Leroy Williams: drums
New York, August 12, 1975.

CD 1, tracks 6-10 & CD2, track 1:
Jesper Lundgaard: bass
Aage Tanggaard: drums
Copenhagen, Denmark, October 21, 1983.

CD 2, tracks 2-10:
Jesper Lundgaard: bass
Ed Thigpen: drums
Copenhagen, Denmark, September 5, 1983.

CD 2, track 11:
Hugo Rasmussen: bass
Ed Thigpen: drums
Copenhagen, Denmark, February 12, 1984.

CD 1
1. I Should Care 5:33
2. Cold Bordeaux Blues 4:51
3. Paula 5:45
4. Glad I Met Pat 4:12
5. All God's Chillun Got Rhythm 9:01
6. I Should Care [version 2] 6:41
7. Autumn Leaves 5:01
8. Cry Me a River 8:56
9. Gone With the Wind 4:48
10. These Foolish Things 6:03

CD 2
1. The Way You Look Tonight 8:07
2. Lullaby of the Leaves 5:24
3. Jealousy -Kiss of Spain 3:59
4. Don't Blame Me 4:45
5. Call Me to Your Arms 4:50
6. Night Train from Snekkersten 6:30
7. Belly Roll Blues 5:02
8. Annelise 3:18
9. How Deep Is the Ocean 5:47
10. Chocolate Shake 7:50
11. Everything Happens to Me 6:24

total time -
CD 1: 60:51
CD 2: 61:56

wydano: 2009-07
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