Ball Of Design

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Avant rock / Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Writers have compared Dufus' folk-punk cacophonic prog-ditties to Captain Beefheart, The Fugs, Frank Zappa, Ween, Mr. Bungle, Moldy Peaches, Mozart, The Band, The Strokes, John Zorn, Dead Kennedys, Need New Body, The B-52s, Gong and The Muppets. While these comparisons are too eclectic to give a real clue as to Dufus' sound, they are a testament to Dufus' extraordinary musical vision.

Ball of Design is a record full of anger and hope. Much darker, more epic, and undoubtedly more political than their last album, 1:3:1, Ball of Design features a more focused Dufus-both figuratively and literally. Dufus has gone from fifteen members to a fit five: Strictly Beats on drums, Rick on guitar, Marko on bass, Lucas Crane phd on analog arts (probably the best tape deck-ist in the universe) and mastermind Seth Faergolzia on vocals and guitar. This is hippie death metal that is changing the world.

On Ball of Design, Dufus choose to eschew some of their more wacky leanings-no jocks carrying dildos or more girl cops. Nope, this time you, the listener, are asked to forget all you think you know, about music, about your life, to "set aside your idiot for a minute" and pay attention to a great rock record.

Dufus' last record, 1:3:1 (RUSCD 8283) garnered some amazing attention. What the media touches on, again and again, is that Dufus is making music that is not only different, but important to us as human beings-not coincidentally Seth is writing a spiritual doctrine/ religion called the Non-Church of the Complete Disassemblement of Reality, which would make him a guru of sorts. Or as one writer put it, Dufus is making music "that could potentially change a listener's life." Hot damn!


Praise for Dufus' previous release 1:3:1:

"Ecstatic stuff...this is an important record with an undeniably unique vision...a hell of a foundation for something larger and stranger and still farther off. C'mon, my fellow animals-start howling."

"Listening to Dufus is like being thrust into a child's drawing...It's capable of changing the world." -City Hub (Au)

"...A textured and intense opera...thank you, come again kid. 9 of 10." -Vice Magazine

"1:3:1 is the kind of record that could potentially change a listener's life." -All Music Guide

"Like an encyclopedia of so-called outsider music condensed into a Downtown pagan mystery meeting. Dufus's recent "1:3:1" is the most unironically anarchic album I've heard all year. As giddy and inventive as it is pissed-off, it's the 21st -century equivalent of the Fugs at their finest." -Richard Gehr, Village Voice

1. Freedom
2. Wut Kolors
3. Wrinkle
4. Radiation
5. Specinal
6. Deemon
7. Pakistan Enellellope
8. Addictive
9. Kids
10. Civil War
11. Sunchein

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