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Indie Pop / Avant Pop / Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: digipackowe etui
opis: - ocena * * * * 1/2:
„Uppers” to przestrzenna i zawieszona w przestrzeni muzyka popularna o jazzowym backgroundzie najwyższych lotów. Urozmaicona w brzmieniu i w repertuarze sygnalizująca główne wątki w twórczości Dicte Vestergaard Madsen i Clausa Hemplera - zamiłowanie do intymnej ballady, frazowanie rodem z muzyki jazzowej i te kierunkowskazy zorientowane na Nashville i Memphis.
Przez ostatnie siedemnaście lat Dicte Vestergaard Madsen i Claus Hempler koncertowali w Danii, wypełniając kluby po brzegi. Aż dziwi, że "Uppers" to ich pierwszy album studyjny. W czasach, gdy zespoły mają na swoim koncie po kilka płyt, z dorobkiem także kilku koncertów taka postawa to rzadkość. Tym lepiej dla muzyki, która miała czas na wykrystalizowanie się i ugruntowanie własnego stylu. Znakiem Dicte + Hempler jest lekkość wokalna, szlachetna, ascetyczna barwność instrumentalna i ta naturalność, prostota i siła przekazu.

"Uppers" to hipnotyzujący album!
autor: Mateusz Krępski
Copyright © 1996-2018 Multikulti Project. All rights reserved

„Uppers” jest dostepny na CD i Vinyl 1LP

Editor's Info:
Since 2010, DICTE HEMPLER have sold out Danish venues for an annual concert series called “The Dark & Stormy Sessions,” where they are traditionally backed by guitarist Mika Vandborg. In 2012, it crysta- lized into a live release from a concert in Copenhagen, but “Uppers” is their first true studio album, and a tale of two souls who found common ground in taste and authenticity. It lulls-in a mood of smoke and reckless abandon, with road signs pointing to Nashville and Memphis passing by, as we move, transported by Vandborg’s yearning guitars, on an album of songs with sterling stories that reverberate in a musical space where sparks fly.

And oh, how they fly. But also with some classic, blue song-writing that is given the opportunity to stand strong on its own, intimately and sensitively presented. Both voices offer the full spectrum, from whispers to the grandiose, and both are one with the songs and shared expressive form, which feels like vibration in bittersweet blues tones that tease and please and will not leave one alone. This allows us into Dicte’s vocal delivery, that now, more than ever, has the vibrato of a saxophone.

UPPERS was recorded in Kav Studio, with Kav Gliemann behind the console, and DICTE HEMPLER are in agreement that with the new album, they have become one. Together, they have created a common language that has a dazzling timelessness. A form of expression that is loving and alluring, carried by a collection of carefully selected songs, including those from Claus Hempler’s great inventory of unpublished, captivating music. Music that bursts with stories that are the be all end all for them both.

Dicte Vestergaard Madsen: vocal
Claus Hempler: vocal, keys, guitar, Fender bass, percussion
Mika Vandborg: el-guitar, baritone guitar

Kav Gliemann: piano, keys on "My Thoughts Go Out Like Wild Horses"

1. Practice Makes Perfect 04:18
2. Sheep Dreams 03:45
3. Everything Will Come True 04:21
4. What Love Can Do 03:22
5. Uppers 03:41
6. My Thoughts Go Out Like Wild Horses 04:54
7. Teen 03:13
8. Sunshine Meltdown 05:49
9. The Brakes Don't Work 05:00

nagrano: Recorded in Kav Studio, by Kav Gliemann

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