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Modern Jazz
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Guitarist Ben Monder first recorded for ECM as a member of the Paul Motian Band on Garden of Eden in 2004, and Amorphae was originally conceived as a series of duets for Ben and Paul. A first exploratory duo session was recorded in 2010. After Motians death the following year it was decided to expand and complete the project with another highly influential and innovative drummer, Andrew Cyrille, adding also Pete Rende on synthesizer on two pieces.

So here we hear Monder solo, in duo with Motian, in duo with Cyrille, and in trio with Cyrille and Rende. This range of expressive options casts light upon Monders musical concepts and their adaptability. A guitarists guitarist, Monder is also a master of texture and unusual voicings, creating what one reviewer has called detailed sonic landscapes of mystery and power.

All the music on Amorphae is his, apart from, Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin, the Rodgers & Hammerstein chestnut from the musical Oklahoma!, performed here by Monder and Motian.

Tracks 2, 6, 8 recorded October 2010 at Sear Sound by James A. Farber
Tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7 recorded December 2013 at Brooklyn Recording by Rick Kwan

Ben Monder: electric guitar, electric baritone guitar
Pete Rende: synthesizer
Andrew Cyrille: drums, percussion
Paul Motian: drums

1. Tendrils (Ben Monder) 5:21
2. Oh, What A Beautiful Morning (Ben Monder, Paul Motian) 5:22
3. Tumid Cenobite (Andrew Cyrille, Ben Monder) 4:50
4. Gamma Crucis (Andrew Cyrille, Ben Monder, Pete Rende) 5:15
5. Zythum (Andrew Cyrille, Ben Monder, Pete Rende) 7:06
6. Triffids (Ben Monder, Paul Motian) 2:55
7. Hematophagy (Andrew Cyrille, Ben Monder) 6:57
8. Dinosaur Skies (Ben Monder) 7:05

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