Double Demon

  • Kod: DE2011CD
  • Producent: Delmark (USA)
  • Kod producenta: 0038153201128
  • Wykonawca: Starlicker [Rob Mazurek / John Herndon / Jason Adasiewicz]
  • Nośnik: CD
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

popupmusic.pl; ocena: Rewelacja:
Rob Mazurek (kornet), Jason Adasiewicz (wibrafon) i John Herndon (perkusja) ostatnio grali ze sobą w 2009 roku. Wtedy jednak do trio dołączyli Matt Lux i Josh Abrams na elektrycznym i akustycznym basie, a doskonała płyta „Sound Is” formacji nazwanej po prostu Rob Mazurek Quintet przyniosła muzykę mocno odnoszącą się do jazzowej tradycji, zaplanowaną, przystępną, ale spontaniczną zarazem. Tym razem panowie zostali w akustycznym trio – bez basu, obecnego w kwintecie, bez elektroniki, obecnej w Chicago Underground Duo albo Sao Paulo Underground. W sześciu luźno nakreślonych utworach pchnęli brzmienie swego nietypowego zestawu instrumentów w stronę wysokich rejestrów, wszędobylskich rezonansów i spowijających całość górnych składowych harmonicznych. Uzyskali w ten sposób niecodzienne środowisko dla skrajnie zespołowej improwizacji - de facto nie znajdujemy tu sytuacji, w której część składu gra wyraźnie ustaloną strukturę, wokół której improwizuje ktoś inny, choć frazowanie i melodie Mazurka są momentalnie rozpoznawalne dla osoby śledzącej jego twórczość. Herndon i Adasiewicz są zaś w tej formule idealnymi partnerami dla pomysłodawcy Starlicker - obaj potrafią grać bardzo dynamicznie, fizycznie, ale również finezyjnie, wychodząc ponad funkcje stricte rytmiczne na rzecz operowania barwą i aurą. W rezultacie otrzymujemy album bardzo intensywny, lecz zwiewny zarazem. Traktujący utwory jako środowiska dla improwizacji, które przykuwają uwagę każdą kolejną sekundą, ale konsekwentnie wsysają brzmieniem, którego eksploracja napędza ten projekt. „Double Demon” ma w sobie błyskotliwą świeżość odkrycia zupełnie nowej, twórczej formy.
autor: Piotr Lewandowski

freejazz-stef.blogspot.com; ocena: * * * *:
I just took off cornettist Rob Mazurek's "Calma Gente" from the "Album Of The Month" messages on the left, and here we find him back with Jason Adasiewicz on vibes and John Herndon on drums. The approach is totally different again, and it must be said that Mazurek's creativity knows no bounds.

The trio started with composed material, with clear - and often memorable - themes, that lays a kind of overarching roof over the music, rather than a foundation, under which they improvise. And the latter are not of the lengthy expressive kinds, but a kind of common sound that the three musicians try to build together. Mazurek's cornet is the real theme-bearer, with Herndon adding incredible power, energy and more rock-influenced beats, with Adasiewicz being responsible for the more subtle - or subdued is maybe a better word and jazzy references.

The end result is exceptional, in that the trio creates a very dense sound, something that you would expect from a bigger band, rather than from just three acoustic instruments. A dense, warm sound. Weird in structure as you can expect, with repetitive patterns and sometimes totally unexpected rhythm and tempo changes that the trio take seamlessly.

And although it is a strong album, Mazurek has composed better themes and produced more gripping music, with the Exploding Star Orchestra still being the easiest to recommend
By Stef

All About Jazz:
Since the turn of the Millennium, cornetist Rob Mazurek has been one of the most intrepid explorers in the field of electro-acoustic jazz improvisation. From the seminal efforts of his flagship collective, the Chicago Underground (Duo to Orchestra), to recent endeavors like Exploding Star Orchestra, Mandarin Movie and his own self-titled Quintet, all of Mazurek's projects have featured computerized and/or electronic sound manipulation as a key element-which makes his most recent venture, the acoustic trio Starlicker, all the more intriguing.

Starlicker features two of Chicago's finest improvisers, ubiquitous vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz and renowned Tortoise drummer John Herndon, both charter members of Exploding Star Orchestra and Mazurek's Quintet. This bass-less reconfiguration of the Quintet inverts the group's relationship towards traditional trio dynamics, as Mazurek states in the liner notes, "Instead of using the fixed or unfixed bass sound as the grounding force in the music, we are attempting to create a grounding from the resonances of the harmonics from the top down." Reveling in the massed sonorities derived from radiant cornet, kaleidoscopic vibraphone and scintillating trap set, Mazurek and company travel the spaceways—unamplified—on their debut studio recording, Double Demon, eliciting a prismatic spectrum of celestial vibrations that transcend the boundaries between electric and acoustic wavelengths.

Despite their limited palette, the trio generates a fulsome, expansive sound comparable to Mazurek's larger amplified ensembles. Adasiewicz's double-mallet technique and frequent use of the vibraphone's sustain pedal conjures a range of effervescent hues that resound with rich polyphonic overtones. Herndon's pointed bass drum accents and thunderous tom-tom rolls supply ample low-end, while his undulating press rolls and shimmering cymbal washes provide effulgent detail. Mazurek's clarion cadences soar with heroic fortitude, subtly invoking the formal repetition of electronic loops-conferring gallant leadership as well as magnanimous support.

The trio's three-way dialogues strive towards a collective ideal; Herndon's bustling polyrhythms generate a roiling undercurrent of ceaseless forward momentum while Mazurek and Adasiewicz weave a reverberant harmonic foundation, alternating between variegated motifs and probing solos. Throughout the date, Mazurek's stratospheric testimonials, Adasiewicz's luminescent cascades and Herndon's syncopated downbeats surge with a thrilling physicality of sound that favors coruscating expressionism over muted introspection. At their most ecstatic, dense thickets of collective improvisation ascend to blissful rapture, buoyed by the lyrical character of Mazurek's anthem-like themes. Only the spacey prelude to "Vodou Cinque" and the ethereal introduction of "Triple Hex" offer serene respite.

In Mazurek's own words, "Starlicker is about reaching with your tongue to taste, take chances, to attempt to find something else in the far reaches of inner and outer space." Double Demon evokes the boldness of the trio's moniker with a barrage of stirring melodies underscored by hypnotic grooves and animated group interplay, making this session one of Mazurek's most compelling small combo releases to date.

What mischief can be made with just cornet, vibraphone and drums. Rob Mazurek has scaled back considerably since Stars Have Shapes, the 2010 record from his Exploding Star Orchestra. His new project, the curiously named Starlicker, is a mere trio, with Chicago vibraphonist Jason Adasiewicz and Tortoise drummer John Herndon. But this group emits more sound and energy than do some sextets.

Double Demon is Out to Lunch! for a new generation. Powered by Herndon’s hyperkinetic percussion and Adasiewicz’s four-mallet chords and arpeggios, Starlicker doesn’t let up. Mazurek’s blowing, however, varies widely over the course of these scant 38 minutes comprising six tunes. In the space of a few bars of the title track, his modest flutters turn into full-throttle staccato attacks. “Vodou Cinque” commences as bona fide free jazz-all chiming vibes, thwacked rims, scraped cymbals and bleating cornet—but graduates into a deliberately awkward 5/4 rhythm with a foreboding melodic vamp. Out of emptiness, “Triple Hex” builds and builds-note by note, beat by beat—into a punishing atonal assault and then, bizarrely, starts to swing before reaching its whacked-out conclusion nine minutes after it took off. The incongruity concludes with “Skull Cave,” which begins with a tropical, almost-calypso rhythm, a happy melody and sprightly playing by Mazurek. Of course, from there it spirals off, hurricane-like.
By Steve Greenlee

Editor's info:
Rob Mazurek (cornet), John Herndon (percussion), and Jason Adasiewicz (vibraphone) are deeply rooted in the Chicago and international avant garde, jazz and post rock scenes. Starlicker expel sound with pervading energy and other-worldly delicacy. Rob Mazurek leads, composes for and performs with the critically acclaimed Exploding Star Orchestra, Chicago Underground, Sao Paulo Underground, and Rob Mazurek's Sound Is Quintet. John Herndon, a founding member or the iconic post rock collective Tortoise, creates waves of rhythm and maintains an abstract pulse that is uniquely his own. Jason Adasiewicz is a Chicago mainstay and Down Beat magazine rising star. Jason is a true original and plays in critically acclaimed groups such as his own Sun Rooms Trio, Exploding Star Orchestra, Rolldown, and Loose Assembly.

Rob Mazurek: cornet
John Herndon: percussion
Jason Adasiewicz: vibraphone

1. Double Demon
2. Vodou Cinque
3. Orange Blossom
4. Andromeda
5. Triple Hex
6. Skull Cave

total time - 38:21
wydano: 2011-07
more info: www.delmark.com
more info2: www.robmazurek.com
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