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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
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The SLD Trio is an exciting and adventurous group of young musicians from Buenos Aires. The Argentinian capital is not a city that is exactly known for an extensive free-jazz and improvised music scene; however, there is a dedicated core of artists and musicians in the city, and the members of this piano trio, pianist Paul Schocron, bassist German Lamonega, and drummer Pablo Diaz, are at the heart of it. Individually, they have studied at institutions like the Classical Composition at Rosario University, and the Contemporary Music School (part of the Berklee International Network, which is run by the popular music school in Boston), as well as the University of Fine Arts in La Plata. They have been working together for years, along with other important Buenos Aires musicians like Enrique Norris. All the while, their musical rapport has grown closer and closer, and most recently the trio has been greatly expanding their network of collaborators and welcoming new influences. This is a lovely and exciting album from a trio that is just as willing to give as to receive, and ready to synthesize the familiar with the unknown. On Tensegridad, these three strong, empathetic musicians are flexing their creative muscles, working hard together to share their excitement in making music, and giving back the community that they have received as much from.

GERMÁN LAMONEGA, double bass

01. Vera
02. Snake Out
03. Truth
04. Tensegridad
05. El Origen del Lenguaje
06. Connie
07. Casa Rodante
08. Universo Tiene Sentido
09. Yeelen

wydano: 23rd June 2017
nagrano: Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 20, 2016.

more info: www.hathut.com

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