Bossa Nuts

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Bossa Nova / Brazilian Jazz
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Południowa
kraj: Brazylia
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Niespieszny rytm bossy i ujmujący, zdradzający upływ czasu głos sprawi, że zapomnimy o hulającym za oknem mokrym wietrze. A wszystko za sprawą brazylijskiej wokalistki Silvany Malta, która pamiętając o tym co powiedział Paquito DiRivera (Nie trzeba urodzić się Austriakiem, żeby grać Mozarta i nie trzeba być Argentyńczykiem, żeby grać Piazzolę) do nagrania swojej czwartej płyty zaprosiła europejskich muzyków, z których jeden-pianista Frans Bak jest kompozytorem tych bezpretensjonalnych, ujmujących piosenek.

Editor's info:

Pianist and composer Frans Bak (born 1958) is a rare bird in Danish (jazz) music. He is first and foremost a composer - a highly gifted melody-maker with a flair for writing efficient songs with a timeless quality. This is especially the case with Bak's new project, BOSSA NUTS, for which he has written a number of catchy bossa nova-inspired songs for Denmark's Brazilian-born singer Silvana Malta, who has written the Portuguese lyrics.
Since the late 1970s Bak has left his mark on the Danish music scene with his many different projects. He has played with and written for a long line of jazz and fusion bands such as Swingpower, Santa Cruz, Blast, Det Blĺ Skrig and Jazzgruppe 90. He has also composed a great amount of music for films, television, the theatre and commercials, and he did the soundtrack for the prize-winning Danish film Lad isbjřrnene danse (1990). Recently he wrote the music for the successful Danish tv series Nikolaj og Julie and for a large-scale theatre production of Ivanhoe. And Danes will be familiar with the countless tv programmes and shows in which he has been musical director - e.g. the Tommy Kenter Show, the Pallesen/Pilmark Show and the improvised theatre/tv programme Hatten Rundt.
This is not the first time that a Bak recording centres on one general theme. The last time we heard from him was in 1999, when he released the highly praised, beautiful Stunt cd Natsange with singer Josefine Cronholm.
'I like working with one particular mood, and when I heard Silvana Malta at a concert the idea of a bossa cd took shape. Silvana and I have been gathering material for the record for a long time. The melodies are good, played in a straightforward way. It has ended up being very much about presence, about taking part in these simple songs in a nice open atmosphere, and not over-elaborating them. Silvana has the ability to make a tune come alive, to sing it simply, without doing a whole lot to it'.
Silvana Malta has recorded with such great Brazilian musicians as Hermeto Pascoal and Toninho Horta. After staying in New York for a while, she moved to Denmark in 1993, where she is now developing her solo career.
The recordings for BOSSA NUTS were made at the Sun Studio, Copenhagen, in December 2003 with some of Denmark's foremost musicians: Poul Halberg (guitar), Jacob Andersen (percussion), Christina von Bülow (sax) and Mads Vinding (bass). As a special attraction, Malta and Bak brought Brazilian drummer Portinho to Denmark.
'Portinho turned out to be a huge asset with his originality and musical presence, even though he's 67. 'Brazil's Steve Gadd', Jacob Andersen calls him'.
BOSSA NUTS sets the stage for a laid-back listening experience, with excellent interpretations of the band leader's melodious songs and harmonic subtleties. Brazilian melancholia and exuberance go hand in hand. So enjoy this assortment of Brazilian 'nuts' - they're just ready to eat.

Silvana Malta: Vocal
Christina Von Bülow: Saxophone
Poul Halberg: Guitar
Frans Bak: Piano
Mads Vinding: Bass
Mads Vinding: Bass
Jacob Andersen: Percussion
Portinho: Drums
Lyrics by Silvana Malta
Music by Frans Bak
1. Fim de nós Dois 5:08
2. Agga 4:46
3. Disse-Que-Disse 3:33
4. Amor Sem Fim 3:50
5. Brasileirice 3:24
6. De Volta Ao Começo 5:51
7. Sei Lá 3:56
8. Eu Sou Mais Eu 4:04
9. Amor De Gabriela 3:24
10. Meu Camihar 3:24
11. Balada Triste 4:34

Lyrics by Silvana Malta. Music by Frans Bak

wydano: 2004
nagrano: 2004
more info: www.sundance.dk
more info2: www.bak.dk; www.silvanamalta.com

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