At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins

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Editor's info:
At Home with Screamin' Jay Hawkins is the enigmatic rock & roll pioneer's breakthrough 1958 album. The songs included on the LP mark the best introduction into his singular career. This essential compilation includes Jay Hawkins' most famous album plus 11 bonus tracks! of alternate takes and other hits. Over the course of these 23 tracks, it becomes clear that Hawkins was incapable of limiting himself to one genre. Many of the songs are anchored by a blues and R&B foundation, while many others have a dramatic cabaret feel. Although Jay Hawkins is best known for "I Put a Spell on You", he could also turn faux-operatic with a number like Cole Porter's "I Love Paris." At Home with Screamin' Jay Hawkins is a carefully arranged yet gritty full-band rhythm and blues album (similar to the style of his contemporary Ray Charles), except that the singer loses his mind!. Hawkins presented a hybrid style that was tied to his unique personality and mannerisms; he was (and still is) a category unto himself.

"When Screamin' Jay Hawkins sings, he never simply sings: he bellows, sputters, moans and cackles, embroidering the words with his own arcane gibberish. Thus a simple, romantic line like 'Bring yourself on home,' from his 1957 recording 'Person To Person,' becomes 'Bring your big-fine-foxy-greatgoogly- moogly-wuuuhhh-lookadat-self on home whaa yeah!.' An extraordinary vocalist and showman." - The New York Times

Also including:

Screamin' Jay Hawkins: piano and vocals
Mickey Baker: guitar
Sam Taylor: tenor sax
among others
Exact personnel and recording dates for these sessions are not known.

1. Orange Colored Sky 2:54
2. Hong Kong 2:22
3. Temptation 2:41
4. I Love Paris 2:27
5. I Put A Spell On You 2:29
6. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot 1:53
7. Yellow Coat 2:27
8. Ol' Man River 4:28
9. If You Are But A Dream 2:55
10. Take Me Back To My Boots And Saddle 2:44
11. Deep Purple 2:37
12. You Made Me Love You (I Didn't Want To Do It) 2:05
13. Little Demon 2:27
14. Alligator Wine 3:07
15. Frenzy 2:15
16. Person To Person 2:11
17. There's Something Wrong With You 2:24
18. You Ain't Foolin' Me 2:29
19. Darling Please Forgive Me 2:51
20. Little Demon (Alternate Take) 3:03
21. I Put A Spell On You (Alternate Take) 2:28
22. There's Something Wrong With You (Alternate Take) 2:45
23. Alligator Wine (Alternate Take) 3:10

wydano: 2010-04
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