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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Editor's info:
In addition to having a name that is now inseparable from the singer David Linx, under his own name pianist Diederik Wissels is also the creator of music that is both sensitive and refined in the tradition of European jazz tinted with classical music. After the superb “Tender Is the Night”, “Streams”, “Song of You”, “The Hillock Songstress” (voted a “shock” by Jazzman magazine) and “From This Day Forward”, this new album probes once again - although in different ways - the mysteries of atmospheric themes drawn from soft-focus melancholy.

The pianist’s sparse, light notes, whose touch remains luminous, slowly reveal an introspective world that is peopled by his two sparring partners. First, Nicolas Kummert whose contained sax-playing vibrates in tune with soundscapes from Saturn haunted by Scandinavian mist. Then Thibault Dille, whose lyrical accordion creates waves of melody lines while lavishing warm and decisive rainbow colours over the beautiful miniatures. On “Release” and “Dreamcatcher”, singer Emily Allison vocalises and adds airy worlds that open the music onto a disturbing dream-like world of light and shade.
Like so many other modern musicians, Wissels calls on sober and subtle electronic effects for a few compositions. They complete the attachment and bewitch even more a listener that is already subjugated by the serene beauty. No drums turn up. But the double bass of Victor Foulon discretely underlines the ample textures on four tracks.

This is music carved by clear, intuitive, intimate, moving and powerfully climatic arrangements; music of few notes but a thousand poetic shades. Through its insidious power, it manages to easily impose a very personal charm.

Diederik Wissels (Piano, Wurlitzer, Synthétiseur, Loops)
Thibault Dille (Accordéon, Synthétiseur, Loops)
Nicolas Kummert (Saxophone)

Victor Foulon (Basse sur 2, 4, 9 & 11)
Emily Allison (Chant sur 5, 10)

1. Tiimid Statues 04:12
2. Molenbeek 04:49
3. Inspirit 05:08
4. Wayfare 05:45
5. Release 05:34
6. Within 03:28
7. Far and Wide 04:23
8. Beyond the Frame 04:12
9. Pasarela 06:01
10. Dreamcatcher 03:58
11. Hideout 04:31
12. Carpe Noctem 04:05

wydano: 2017-12-08
nagrano: Enregistré en octobre 2016 au Studio Synsound, Bruxelles, Belgique

more info: www.igloorecords.be
more info2: www.diederikwissels.be
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