Now You Are This

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Indie Rock/Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

pitchforkmedia.com; Rating: 6.2
[...] Numbers have released an album, without much fanfare, almost every year since 2002. In 2005, they abandoned the palsied pop they were known for in the Bay Area, considered and discarded plans to move to New York, and even took a short hiatus. They're re-energized here on Now You Are This, but they seem even further away from their first incarnation than ever-- once a lo-fi garage outfit, they're now a band built on keyboards and repetition.
Past reviewers heard XTC; I hear more recent groups. Right off the bat, it's the Mae Shi ('New Life'), Dan Deacon ('Hey Hey Dream'), and the Rentals ('Kosmos Love'). But those artists alternate their layers of static and sheen in more interesting ways than Numbers seem capable of doing. Numbers' songs are all flat planes; no angles or gentle curves to trace your finger along. They substitute those layers of static and crunch for sophistication, but there's little left once the sounds themselves depart, which is not to say that 'songcraft' should always underwrite the sonic, but it would be nice to hear something in the way of dynamics or, say, structure.
Still, the band sometimes hits on a simple group of keyboard notes or vocal melody that makes them difficult to dismiss. 'Fly on the Window', like the rest of Now You Are This, grinds on a fist-full of chords and five-word lyrics. But Dunis inflects dispassionate, Euro cool over the sustained static, and a slow keyboard line becomes almost languid over the course of its four minutes. That same dispassionate tone veers into tunelessness many times, but falls short of the Eleanor Friedberger school of monotonous non-melodies.
A good dance band they're not, though they have been in the past. 'Everything Is Fine' has a 'You Really Got Me' riff that could get hips swaying, but not swinging. And though it's more upbeat, the track has the same eternal hum in the background, as if their guitars have been moonlighting as Tuvan throat singers. That sound becomes grating as Numbers play on, but on 'Liela Mila' the static becomes a sublime tonal meditation before it washes away, leaving behind a gentle hum for Dunis to sing over.
by Jessica Suarez

All Music Guide
[...] It can't be easy combining the clean efficiency of the best Krautrock with some of the loudest guitar skronk in indie rock, but the San Francisco trio Numbers don't sound fazed at all by the dichotomy. Eric Landmark wields an array of synthesizers (usually humming or oscillating in discordant Broadcast fashion) while Dave Broekema's guitars scream and yowl, leaving a small amount of space left for the vocals of Indra Dunis. Now You Are This actually begins in (relatively) orderly fashion, with an opener ('New Life') that starts with restrained contributions from all three members. It soon becomes clear, however, that they're ramping up to something -- namely, a raucous, bashing, somehow cathartic finale to the song with Dunis yelping the title over and over. 'Mind Hole' and 'Fly on the Window' are just as bracing, the latter an uplifting epic with chords that gradually rise over Dunis' simplistic vocals and some atonal whistling. It's fair to say that Numbers don't lack for ideas; every track on this record features its own raft of innovative synthesizer lines or guitar work, as well as great interplay between each. The similarities to Stereolab and Broadcast are only accentuated here compared to their previous work, but the intensity of the distortion and the raw playing lift Now You Are This far above the status of mere imitation. [...]
by John Bush

Indra Dunis - drums, vocals
Eric Lardmark - moog, cat, vocals
Dave Broekema - guitar, back up vocals

1. New Life 3:21
2. Mind Hole 4:32
3. Kosmos Love 3:04
4. Hey Hey Dream 3:28
5. Fantasy Life 3:41
6. I Ripped My Own Heart Out 1:39
7. Fly on the Window 4:26
8. The Mapping of E8 2:44
9. Lone Life 5:49
10. Liela Mila 4:22
11. Everything Is Fine 2:45
12. I Want to Believe 3:55
13. What Happened to You 4:27

total time - 48:13
wydano: 2007-08-21
nagrano: 2007
more info: www.killrockstars.com
more info2: www.numbersmusic.com
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