Morton Feldman: Piano And String Quartet

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Composed two years before his death, the ultra-impressionistic Piano and String Quartet is one of the most beguiling of Feldman's late works. With its chords based on semitones, this nearly 80-minute, single movement work floats in a typical Feldmanesque haze, yet progresses with a forward moving determination and logic that sets it apart from some of Feldman's more static pieces of this period. This gorgeous performance by Vicki Ray and the Eclipse Quartet has an almost erotically sensual quality. Turn down the lights, get comfortable and prepare to be enveloped in an aural experience of exceptional warmth and depth. These other Morton Feldman works are on Bridge: for Christian Wolff (BRIDGE 9279A/C); Crippled Symmetry (BRIDGE 9092A/B); for Philip Guston (BRIDGE 9078A/D)

Vicki Ray: piano

eclipse Quartet
Margaret Parkins: cello
Alma Fernandez: viola
Sara Parkins, Sarah Thornblade: violin

1. Morton Feldman: Piano and String Quartet

total time - 79:11
wydano: 15 March 2012
nagrano: Eclipse Quartet recorded Feb 8 2011

more info: www.bridgerecords.com

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