Plastic Moon

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Modern Jazz / Pianistyka Jazzowa
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kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
The jazz piano trio seems forever young. Again and again the boundaries of the format are pushed and expanded. The piano trio speaks to an audience outside the ranks of regular jazz listeners while also appealing to hardcore aficionados.
Jazz has become increasingly international. New names don't necessarily come from the US, and it is a well-established fact that Japan loves piano trios - especially if they play standards. And so, when a Japanese jazz-lover heard the two young Swedes, pianist Magnus Hjorth and bassist Petter Eldh, at a concert at Jazz Cup in Copenhagen, it led to two Japanese tours and a live recording released exclusively in Japan.
Early in the summer of 2010, the producer Yoko Yoneyama returned to Scandinavia to record the trio with Magnus, Petter and Japanese drummer Kazumi Ikenaga under perfect conditions, because the Japanese not only enjoy Scandinavian musicians, they also share the Scandinavian sound aesthetics.
At the STC Studios in Copenhagen, legendary sound engineer Bjarne Hansen worked wonders, designer Per Arnoldi created the cover artwork, and this intimate, enchanting and organic CD, PLASTIC MOON, is the result of all their combined efforts. Beautiful and virtuosic trio music, played with sensitivity and attentive interplay and a subdued poetic mood, which makes listening a pleasurable experience. Just as a horn player's tone can touch us immediately, a pianist's attack determines whether or not we are moved, and with Magnus Hjorth at the piano, Petter Eldh's lovely bass sound and Kazumi Ikenaga's intuitive drumming, this music is pure honey and finely tuned moods.
Stunt Records has obtained the European rights... why should we cheat ourselves of this great listening experience? Enjoy!
Magnus Hjorth (b.1983) is one of Scandinavia's greatest young piano talents. He was born and raised in the small town of Laholm in western Sweden. He started out on violin and trombone, but things didn't really fall into place until he began playing piano at twelve. He graduated from the Rhythmic Conservatory in Copenhagen, and with its vibrant music scene and central geographical placement in Europe, he has made the city his home since. He is a popular musician on the Danish and southern Swedish music scenes, and he has toured with various constellations in Europe, Asia and USA. At the international Getxo Jazz Contest in 2007 Magnus won not only the prize for best band with his project "People Are Machines", but also both the jury's and audience's award for best soloist.
Petter Eldh (b.1983) - the bassist with the beautiful tone - has also come far. He was born and raised in Gothenburg in Sweden. He received his first guitar at 11 but switched to bass three years later. He began his musical education in his hometown but obtained his Masters in 2009 from Copenhagen's Rhythmic Conservatory. Despite plenty of work at home, Petter resituated, and now divides his time between Copenhagen and Berlin - when not touring with one of the internationally renowned groups he plays with, such as the British pianist Django Bates' trio.
Born and raised in Kyoto in Japan, drummer Kazumi Ikenaga (b.1961) began playing drums at the age of 13 and had turned professional by the time he reached 19. In 1992 he studied at Berklee College of Music in Boston and wound up making USA his home for the next five years, playing with local musicians in Boston and New York. He has played in virtually all styles, but his heat beats for modern jazz. Though performing in many parts of the world, he now resides in Tokyo and plays with top Japanese jazz musicians as well as visiting Americans such as Kurt Rosenwinkel, Seamus Blake and Chris Cheek.

Magnus Hjorth (piano)
Petter Eldh (bass)
Kazumi Ikenaga (drums)

1. Play The Game 6:19
2. Sure Concept 5:48
3. Lacrima Lake 6:31
4. Shiny Stockings 5:07
5. Bullpen 7:43
6. Hot Corner 5:24
7. Leia 6:26
8. I Remember You 5:01
9. Jogen - Plastic Moon 4:02

wydano: 2011-02
more info: www.sundance.dk

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