May Be [2CD]

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Modern Jazz
premiera polska:
Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Europa
kraj: Dania
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Editor's info:
A pioneer of the electronic music scene and propelled by a unique musical curiosity, Kenneth Knudsen has been turning knobs long before anyone had even imagined today's DJ/Club scene. Born in 1946, Knudsen's career began as a jazz pianist in 1961, but ever since the frst synthesizers hit the market in the early 70's, he has mainly created and recorded music for and with electronic instruments.
Knudsen's original sound, his rich voicings, and his arranging and structural talents can be heard on many recordings with various artists including Secret Oyster, Entrance, Bombay Hotel, his own group Anima (which started back in 1979), Palle Mikkelborg, Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Miles Davis.
In the late 1990's Knudsen gave up live performances. In an interview he explains, "I was bored - I was rarely surprised". He withdrew to "research" in his recording studio in Copenhagen, and since then his new musical conquests have only been available on his rare but important CDs.
His new 2-CD set, MAY BE, amply illustrates that his musical exploration is still in full process. He has long since lef the beaten path to follow his own personal road. "It is not my intent to create the illusion that someone is playing an instrument. Usually when you hear a piano - you think of a piano. With synthesizers, you don't think of the instrument, but of the notions, images and sounds they produce. Te sounds are short-lived!"
MAY BE consists of two CDs with six new pieces and fve pieces from his previous CD, END OF SILENCE, which have been re-worked, added on to, edited, re-mixed and re-mastered. SOUNDS OF SILENCE & SOUNDS REMIX - on which Palle Mikkelborg in Knudsen's opinion ofers some of the best playing he has ever heard from him - is a radical remix of his previous release.
"On MAY BE I have created excerpts, remixes, of more extensive pieces from 1994 and '97. At that time I used a method in which the synthesizers wove in and out between each other. I sent between three and ten tracks to various instruments playing simple motifs. Ten I manipulated tempi and began creating sounds for each synthesizer", Knudsen explains. "Tenor saxophonist Fredrik Lundin and trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg played beautifully on top of the "clouds" in SOUNDS OF SILENCE - and now more instruments have been added to SOUNDS OF SILENCE & SOUNDS. On the remix of MUSIC FOR EYES FOR MUSIC, a part with a completely different character emerged."
Kenneth Knudsen is a perfectionist. He is a slow worker. He says that when he goes to work on a new project, he switches on his machines, turns a few knobs and plays a few small motifs in an exploratory fashion. Shifs the motif a little, changes the sound or texture. Sooner or later it clicks and sound, texture and motif begin to work together. "It is a slow process, but I always win in the end! I create maybe 30 seconds in a week, which is okay with me, because it is comforting to know that the process is slow."
Open your ears and listen to MAY BE... it is a wonderful voyage!
Kenneth Knudsen has received the Danish Arts Foundation's Lifelong Grant, and he is a three-time nominee (1998, 2002 and 2009) for the Nordic Council's Music Award.

Kenneth Knudsen: synthesizers
Palle Mikkelborg: trumpet
Marilyn Mazur: drums, percussion
Fredrik Lundin: soprano & tenor saxes
Peter Friis Nielsen: double bass
Oliver Hoiness: guitar
Christian Skeel: samples & computers

1. Intro: I Wait Before My Tv
2. Hello Bob
3. Music For Eyes For Music Remix
4. May Be
5. Sounds & Silence & Sounds Remix
6. Code Broken

1. Where Are You Now
2. 5 Turkish Cofns
3. In Te Scent
4. Nice Legs
5. Tattoo

total time - CD1 45:43
CD2 25:49
wydano: 2011-11
more info: www.sundance.dk

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