Live In Italy & Honestly [2CD]

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Fusion Jazz/Modern Jazz
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
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All Music Guide about "Honestly"
Honesty is a compiled disc of Pastorius' solo performances while on tour with guitarist Bireli Lagrene and drummer Tomas Böröcz in Europe on his last run through the continent before dying in Florida the next year.
This set, consisting entirely of Pastorius solos, sounds excessive -- it is. There is no other recording remotely like it. But it's not for bass players only; in fact, as music, it stands up just fine, but, more importantly, it showcases just how restless, musical, and enigmatic a bassist Pastorius was. Each selection is numbered as a part, and each one showcases at least one or two of the artist's major styles of playing, in specific genres, and within them are three or four others whispering, shouting, or just presenting themselves to the listener. Utilizing melody, harmony (and the wildest use of natural and artificial harmonics anybody's ever employed), and rhythm simultaneously, Pastorius guides the listener on a journey through rock & roll ("Part 10"), the well oiled jazz player ("Parts 2 & 3"), the deep blues and R&B gut bucket funker in "Part 7," or the sad, lonely guy in "Part 7."
Within these sections there are any number of songs, half remembered melodies, lyrical phrases, and themes and variations upon them, that reveals the deep influence of both pianists and saxophonists on his playing style. For example, while quoting from Weather Report's "Boogie Woogie Waltz" he moves off into Bach's "Chromatic Fantasy," "Surrey With the Fringe on Top," and even "Stardust" before slamming out the back door with "At Minton's." Elsewhere, long quotations from Jimi Hendrix give way to "Norwegian Wood," "The Thrill Is Gone," Dexter Gordon's "Go," and Freddie Redd's "The Connection"; there just isn't a dull moment. In all, it doesn't get much better.
As revisionist history begins to settle in, and critics and fans alike try to re-evaluate Pastorius' live presence and ability, and he's either discredited or blown out of all proportion, it's nice to know there is an historical record of his worth as a solo instrumentalist and improviser. His was clearly the watermark to beat -- musically, technically, and emotionally -- and probably still is.
by Thom Jurek

All Music Guide about "Live In Italy"
Recorded during a late tour of Europe, Live in Italy features a trio comprised of Pastorius, guitarist Bireli Lagrene, and drummer Tomas Böröcz. This was the last band that Pastorius played with regularly.
In terms of the pure electricity of ideas and fluidity of movement from one phase of a tune to the next, from improvisation to arranged chart, this band was the equal of the trio the artist played in with Pat Metheny and Bob Moses. But this band has a way different vibe: this is a rock band that plays jazz.
Lagrene is an improviser who is as versed in heavy metal and the blues as he is in the licks of Charlie Byrd and Wes Montgomery -- as evidenced in the opening "Improvisation #1," which gives way seamlessly to "Teen Town." Lagrene moves from Steve Vai/Eddie Van Halen hammer-ons to riffing from Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" to playing augmented jazz riff chords worthy of both Montgomery and Jim Hall. The ensuing improvisation and "Teen Town," riff moves Pastorius and Lagrene in to counterpoint with each other and Böröcz playing in between Jaco's accents. The funk groove is deep and wide, and the flow of ideas is fast and furious. On the band's cover of "I Shot the Sheriff," Pastorius leads the melodic line while playing the bassline simultaneously to introduce the cut before Lagrene slips in behind Böröcz to vamp the lyric line extemporaneously and soulfully. Again, the funk simpatico between the Pastorius/Böröcz team is greasy and phat. The wide variety of styles these cats play -- often in a single cut -- is stunning. After the Marley jam comes a gorgeous improv by Pastorius, which leads into Buster Brown's "Fannie Mae," which has Lagrene voicing from Albert and Freddie King, as well as J.B. Lenior. The set ends with a killer, out-for-blood read of "Black Market" and an elegantly soulful, wistfully lyrical take on the Ellington/Mercer/Strayhorn classic "Satin Doll." Both soloists create a deeply moving emotional tapestry in a gentle swing and bluesy vamp in their respective breaks.
Of the live postmortem sets out there by this artist, this is only one of two -- the other is Heavy 'n Jazz, also on Jazzpoint -- that has the recorded sound to match the performance.
by Thom Jurek

"Live In Italy":
Jaco Pastorius: electric bass
Bireli Lagrene: guitar
Thomas Böröcz: drums

Jaco Pastorius: electric bass, piano, vocal

CD1 - Live in Italy:
1. Improvisation No 1
2. Teen Town
3. I Shot the Sheriff
4. Continuum
5. Fannie Mae
6. Black Market
7. Satin Doll

CD2 - Honestly Solo live:
1. PART 1 9.58
2. PART 2 3.55
3. PART 3 1.56
4. PART 4 3.24
5. PART 5 7.27
6. PART 6 5.39
7. PART 7 3.21
8. PART 8 9.58
9. PART 9 7.01
10. PART 10 11.34

total time - Disc I: 49.55 ; Disc II: 64.13
wydano: 1998
nagrano: Live In Italy recorded March 1986 in Italy
Honestly Solo Live Recorded March 1986 in Italy

more info: www.jazzpages.com/jazzpointrecords

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