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Fusion Jazz/Modern Jazz
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Na płycie "Insanology" nagranej przy udziale Marka Ribota włoski wokalista Boris Savoldelli najwyraźniej pozazdrościł Bobby'emu McFerrinowi. Zaadoptował techniki wokalne legendarnej afrykańśkiej formacji Ladysmith Black Mambazo, dołożył ciekawie brzmiące beatboxowe partie, zaprosił legendę nowojorskiej sceny Downtown - gitarzystę Marka Ribota i stworzył szalenie interesujący wokalny album.

Editor's info:
The landmark solo debut album by Boris Savoldelli - originally released and distributed in Italy, in 2007, by BFT Records. A masterful effort featuring colorful contributions by virtuoso guitarist Marc Ribot on two tracks.Chris Parker, of Vortex Jazz, UK, had this to say about Insanology: "An arresting mix of painstakingly overdubbed vocals, human beatbox effects, African-inspired choral music, plus the odd visit to the world of Jimi Hendrix (an extraordinary version of 'Crosstown Traffic'), Insanology is a largely solo album (although two tracks feature tasty contributions from guitarist Marc Ribot) featuring the quite remarkable Italian vocalist Boris Savoldelli. A quick (although lazily inaccurate) way of describing some of this music would be to suggest that it sounds as if Ladysmith Black Mambazo had adopted the techniques utilised by Bobby McFerrin in his solo live performances, but Savoldelli is a genuine original, wholly in command both of his material (self-penned, save for the aforementioned Hendrix piece and 'In the Seventh Year' by Mark Murphy and Uli Rennert) and of the various electronic gizmos (the cover shows Savoldelli's foot pressing an FX pedal) with which he creates his 'choirs'."Finally getting the worldwide attention it has long merited, Insanology further documents the creative genius of the Italian vocalist extraordinaire -- offering a diverse palette of world influences on the grandest scale, and showcasing the brilliance and versatility of both his voice and compositional skills.A rare masterpiece, now available, from a most gifted visionary artist.

Boris Savoldelli: all vocals, effects
Marc Ribot: guitars (track 3 & 8)

1. Andywalker (3:25)
2. Circlecircus (2:18)
3. Mindjoke (2:44)
4. Moonchurch (1:56)
5. Crosstown Traffic (2:27)
6. De-toxic-hateful (2:47)
7. In the Seventh Year (2:53)
8. San Marcos (3:22)
9. Inner Urge (6:15)
10. Mindjoke (vocal chords version) (2:39)
11. Insanology (vocal chords version) (2:26)
12. Io (2:10)

total time - 31:47
wydano: 2011
nagrano: Originally released in 2007 on BTF Records (Italy)
Boris's tracks recorded, mixed and edited by Paolo Filippi at Cavo Studio, Bergamo, Italy.
Marc Ribot's tracks recorded by Francois Lardeau at Greenpoint Sound Studio, Brooklyn, NYC.

more info: www.moonjune.com
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