Let's Make Love. An imaginary play in 12 scenes

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Avant Jazz/Free Improvisation/Avant Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Austria
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
The "Pipetet" of Franz Koglmann is one of the oldest formation in Europe in the field of tension between jazz and European art music. Already founded in 1983, it has seen changes in its line-up, but more than half of today's members already were part of it in the founding stage. This is also proof that Koglmann has found his path (note well, not the goal) in his long years of searching. A work has again been created with "Let's Make Love" that provides the opportunity to contribute high-quality improvisations between longer composed and arranged phases. A few of these compositions are oriented strikingly to classical ideals of sound, but even the (jazz) classics "Autumn Leaves" and "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" shine in new arrangements.

But Koglmann would not be Koglmann if these creations did not have an internal relation. "Let's make love" is the title of the movie by George Cukor first shown in 1960. While shooting the film, there was a legendary affair between Marylin Monroe (married to Arthur Miller at that time) with Yves Montand (married to Simone Signoret). Pipetet describes this affair so powerfully in an "imaginary theater without singers or speakers" in 12 scenes based on a draft by Christian Baier that you believe you can see the characters and their actions when you listen to the music with closed eyes. The short descriptions of the scenes from the booklet, composed of quotes from Monroe and Montand as well as from contemporaries, intensify the impression that you are listening to the soundtrack of a movie, which will be shot soon.

By the way: In the recently published two-volume Reclam publication "Jazz Klassiker", in which Peter Niklas Wilson as publisher (died in 2003) gives his opinion of the almost 100 most important jazz musicians, one chapter is dedicated to Franz Koglmann. This represents a long overdue recognition of and honor for the Austrian.

Franz Koglmann: trumpet, flugelhorn
Gert Schubert: violin
Mario Arcari: oboe, English horn
Tony Coe: clarinet, tenor saxophone
Tom Varner: French horn
Rudolf Ruschel: trombone
Raoul Herget: tuba
Robert Michael Weiss: piano, glockenspiel
Peter Herbert: bass
Gustav Bauer: conductor

Prologue - The Scene
1. Beverly Hills Hotel

The Protagonists
2. A Light Out Of Control
3. A Steak
4. A Tub Full Of Ice
5. The Other

The Affair
6. A Hurricane
7. A Hero (My Heart Belongs To Daddy)
8. Make Her Laugh
9. Scoops

The End
10. The Art Of Saying Good Bye
11. Labyrinth (dedicated to Hans Dupal)

Swan Song
12. Les Feuilles Mortes

total time - 59:00
wydano: 2005-08-01
more info: www.betweenthelines.de
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