Clychau Dibon

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African Folk
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Our award-winning debut album Clychau Dibon was released in October 2013 on the Mwldan / Astar label.

What does ‘Clychau Dibon’ mean?

‘Clychau’ is the Welsh word for ‘Bells’. The Dibon is a large bird (Abyssinian Hornbill – Bucorvus abyssinicus) which lives in the Northern tributaries of the River Niger in Guinea and the Sahel of Sub-Saharan Africa. A romantic bird, the Dibon pairs for life, and the pairs of birds spend the night sleeping in separate trees and early in the morning call to each other; the male using the lower notes and the female a higher one. So compelling and distinctive are the calls of the Dibon, that they have worked their ways into the rhythms of many of the local traditional hunting and farming songs, giving rise to the Mandinka rhythm ‘Dibon’, and the name for the second string on the left-hand side of the Kora.

Gorgeous, eloquent, elegant music. --Thomas Brooman, WOMAD

Intricate, ethereal and entrancing, an elaborate pas-de-deux. --Neil Spencer, Uncut

Heavenly music... that soars vertiginously. --Nigel Williamson, Songlines

Catrin Finch: Welsh Harp
Seckou Keita: West African kora

1. Genedigaeth koring-bato
2. Future Strings
3. Bamba
4. Les bras de mer
5. Robert Ap Huw Meets Nialing Sonko
6. Ceffylau
7. Llongau térou-bi

wydano: 2014-02-20
more info: www.mwldan.co.uk
more info2: catrinfinchandseckoukeita.com

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