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Editor's info:
After listening to the first two numbers on this CD, I was not too impressed about this album - decent enough folk rock music around Galician gaita, some pleasant enough panderaita/voice, but nothing too outstanding. However, the remaining album gets better and better, and more individual, convincing me in the end to give a warm recommendation for this album.
The band is centred around Galician born musician and composer Miguel Gallo, who plays the Galician bagpipe i.e. the gaita, whistles and sings. With the band being based in Belgium, many of the other members of the band are Belgian, on guitar, violin, drums/percussion/clarinet and double bass/cello - with additional guests on accordions, guitar and bagpipes.
All (but one) the music is composed by Miguel. Overall, the CD brings an excellent mix of songs, gentle tunes and faster folk rock tunes focussed on the gaita. The songs are shared between Miguel himself (with a gentle voice)and two great female singers, Sonia Lebedynski and Sonia Reborido. Stylistically the songs are somewhere between traditional Galician and acoustic pop; they are distinctive and very attractive.

Overall thus an excellent album - and the first two numbers on the CD are not bad, but do not give an indication of the individual style and quality of this album. (www.folkworld.eu)

'Camaxe's Airexa neatly captures the salty freshness of the band's dazzling sound. CAptivating music.' (Songlines)

Miguel Allo (vocals, gaita, whistle)
Filip Lambrechts (guitar)
Baptiste Argouarch (violin)
Marc De Martelaer (cello, bass instrument, double bass)
Gauthier Lisein (clarinet, drums, percussion)

Montse Ogando (vocals, pandeiro)
Sonia Reborido, Sonia Lebedynski (vocals)
Patrick De Schuyter (guitar)
Remi Decker (bagpipe)
Julien De Borman, Tuur Florizoone (accordion)

Gauthier Lisein
Baptiste Argouarch
Filip Lambrechts
Marc De Martelaer

1. Paixón E Ira
2. Androlka
3. Hoxe Nada, Mana Quizais...
4. Túa Nai
5. Gavota, El
6. Voz Do Mar, A
7. Bérrame, Que Son Feliz!
8. Dous Namorados
9. Non Quero Odio, Só Teno Pena
10. Muineira en Paradela
11. Para Ela
12. Alma de Paxaro
13. O "Aire"
14. Envólveme
15. Boina de Don Perfecto, A
16. Vals Musette "Camaxe"

more info: www.musicwords.nl

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