Rockin' Robin

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Editor's info:
Bobby Day was one of the most innovative, dynamic, yet unheralded figures in Rhythm'n'Blues and early Rock & Roll. His 1958 hit "Rockin' Robin" is one of the most memorable and recycled r&r oldies of them all. The secret of Bobby Day's songs are that they convey everything that is alive and spirited about rock and roll. His music is a non-stop orgy of chirpin' birds, buzzin' honeybees and swingin' cats all tinged with a naive eternal optimism. He was a seriously underrated R&B artist, whose influence reached far beyond his meager chart tally. In fact, other artists have continually had more success recording his songs than Day had himself (Michael Jackson took "Rockin' Robin" to number 2 in 1972 and the Jackson Five reached the Top 20 with the catchy "Little Bitty Pretty One" that same year). This release contains Bobby Day's magnificent debut album, Rockin' Robin (1958). In addition to contributing some of the most memorable rock & roll hits of the 50s, he also recorded a bunch of hard to find B-sides from his early and best years on the Class Records label, which have been included here as bonus tracks.

"Bobby Day's "Rockin' Robin" remains a classic" (All Music Guide)

Bobby Day: vocals
René Hall: guitar
Barney Kessel: guitar
Plas Johnson: tenor saxophone
Clifford Scott (tenor saxophone)
Googie René: piano
Earl Palmer: drums
The Satellites: backing vocals
The Maxwell Davis Orchestra
among others

1. Rockin' Robin 2:38
2. Darling If I Had You 2:01
3. Sweet Little Thing 2:25
4. Little Turtle Dove 2:45
5. Over And Over 2:24
6. Little Bitty Pretty One 2:30
7. Come Seven 2:55
8. Honeysuckle Baby 2:37
9. When The Swallows Come Back To Capistrano 2:46
10. Beep Beep Beep 2:41
11. So Long Baby 2:59

Bonus Tracks
12. The Bluebird, The Buzzard & The Oriole 2:25
13. My Blue Heaven 2:38
14. I Don't Want To 2:43
15. Ain't Gonna Cry No More 2:14
16. Life Can Be Beautiful 2:49
17. That's All I Want 2:16
18. Mr. & Mrs. Rock & Roll 2:03
19. Three Young Rebs From Georgia 2:48
20. Gotta New Girl 2:22
21. Say Yes 3:04
22. Alone Too Long 2:01
23. Unchained Melody 3:22
24. Love Is A One-Time Affair 2:35

total time - 62:36
wydano: 2010-04
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