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Modern Jazz / Indie Jazz
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Izraelski kontrabasista Avishai Cohen przedstawia nową płytę. Gdy pod koniec lat 90-tych przybył do Nowego Jorku z Izraela, dość szybko trafił pod skrzydła Chicka Corea. Podpisał kontrakt z Stretch Records i został członkiem zespołu utytułowanego kolegi - Origins. Później wraz z Jeff Ballard na perkusji współtworzył nowe trio Chicka Corea.
Magazyn Down Beat nazwał go „jedną z postaci otwierających jazz na nowe obszary” a izraelska gazeta The Jerusalem Post określiła go, jako najbardziej udany “produkt eksportowy” izraelskiej sceny jazzowej. Magazyn Bass Player zaliczył A. Cohena do grona stu najbardziej wpływowych basistów XX wieku. Muzyk ma unikalną zdolność łączenia wysublimowanej muzyki z szeroką popularnością oraz – co nie bez znaczenia - niezwykle zgrabnie łączy najróżniejsze nurty i nastroje, bawi się oraz inspiruje kulturą Wschodu i Zachodu, interesująco wplata w swoje projekty elementy muzyki i brzmień środkowowschodnich, wschodnioeuropejskich i afrykańskich.

Arvoles (w języku Sefardyjczyków - ladino to słowo oznacza "Drzewa"), bo tak nazywa się jego nowa płyta to bujna muzyczna struktura, której fundamentem jest klasyczne fortepianowe trio. Pochodzący z Azerbejdżanu Elchin Shirinov, fortepianowy samouk, który pod opieką Kevina Haysa i Jean-Michela Pilca nabrał niezbędnego doświadczenia to silnym atut nagrania. Urodzony w 1971 roku perkusista i kompozytor Noam David (tak jak Cohen przeniósł się do NY z Jerozolimy) wprowadza do języka trio zaskakujący rozmach i energię. Ponadto na płycie w pięciu kawałkach usłyszymy puzonistę Björna Samuelssona i flecistę Andersa Hagberga.
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Editor's info:
There's been no turning back for Avishai Cohen ever since a call from Chick Corea in 1997. Avishai had passed one of Corea's friends a demo tape without particular hope of being noticed and Chick loved it and was blown away by its freshness. Now, five albums later, Avishai has cemented himself as a real talent within the genre.

All About Jazz * * * *:
In the late 1990s, bassist Avishai Cohen was living and working in New York, having arrived a few years earlier from Israel. Out of the blue he received a phone call from Chick Corea which effectively changed his life. Not only did Corea offer Cohen a recording contract on the pianist's Stretch label, he also invited him to join him in a new acoustic group, Origins. This association culminated in a handful of albums between 1997 and 2000, with both Origins and Corea's New Trio which included Jeff Ballard on drums. From his 1998 debut on Stretch, Adama, Cohen has released well over a dozen albums under his own name, simultaneously introducing many and varied trios and groups, mirroring his mentor Corea's imperative for creative development. Pianist Elchin Shirinov hails from Azerbaijan and astonishingly never attended music school. But he gained tutelage from some leading keyboardists including Kevin Hays and Jean-Michel Pilc. Born in 1971, Noam David, a drummer and composer, hails from Jerusalem and, as attested by his contribution to this album, fulfils his role with panache.

Arvoles (meaning "trees" in the ancient Ladino language) opens with "Simonero," introduced by Cohen's solo pizzicato bass, swiftly joined by piano drums and shortly after by the surprisingly full-sounding ensemble of flute and trombone. This is a beguiling combination of instruments that's repeated on half of the ten tracks here. The title track is a neo-baroque trio piece, performed with delicacy, David's brushed drums providing a sonic wash for Cohen's pizzicato bass solo whereas Cohen's dynamic arco bass contribution on "Face M" is spectacularly virtuosic. The sumptuously thematic strains of "Gesture #2" are echoed by the neo-classical quintet arrangement of "Childhood (For Carmel)" accentuated by alternating arco and pizzicato bass. The tune is overlaid by elegant flute and plaintive trombone extemporisation. Cohen adds substantial gravitas to "Elchinov" with lugubrious arco bass.

"Gesture #1" is characterised by a more strident rhythm but affords ample opportunity for Shirinov to stretch out on his sprightly solo, the trio evoking the Scott LaFaro-era Bill Evans trio in its prime. The aptly-titled, wistful "Nostalgia" is, dominated by Shirinov's lissom piano and deftly subtle drumming whilst Cohen contributes a typically piquant solo. The sultry arrangement of "New York 90s" is underpinned by a rocky bass and drum pulse with an indelible piano melody overlaid by a breezy contrapuntal response from the trombone and flute, that's both evocative and memorable. The perky closer, "Wings" benefits from a catchy melody and canny arrangement that almost gives the impression of a big band in the ensemble passages.

Because Avishai Cohen’s previous outing—a 2017 album titled 1970 (Sony)—was his most commercially successful release thus far, one wouldn’t blame him for revisiting a similar artistic wellspring. Instead, for his 17th leader date, the bassist went in another direction, recruiting an entirely different set of musicians for the deeply personal, nostalgia-fueled Arvoles.

Half the program here consists of trio recordings with pianist Elchin Shirinov and drummer Noam David, and on the other half, the band expands to a quintet with trombonist Björn Samuelsson and flutist Anders Hagberg. It’s all original compositions, with the exception of “Arvoles”—a traditional tune with a title in the Ladino language that means “Trees.”

In concert, Cohen can become a muscular machine of pure propulsion. On this studio album, however, he demonstrates an admirable musical diversity. His arco work adds wondrous, subtle texture to “Childhood (For Carmel),” a lovely, slow ballad. The arrangement for another ballad—the title cut—features a lot of space and poignant pauses to heighten the drama, with the leader’s conversational playing style evoking human speech. “Wings” has a touch of swing and includes a bass solo that finds Cohen shining brightly without grandstanding. “Simonero” features a piano riff so infectious that the tune could be the theme song to a hit sitcom.

Elsewhere, a tempered dose of sentimentality flows through the trio tune “Nostalgia,” spiced by a knotty piano motif, as well as the brief “New York 90’s,” featuring a triumphant trombone tone. With Arvoles, Cohen shows he’s forceful enough to melt your mind with a pounding rhythm—but tender enough to showcase his mother’s paintings in the CD packaging.

Cohen will highlight material from Arvoles during a quintet concert on Aug. 25 at the Red Sea Jazz Festival in Eilat, Israel.
By Bobby Reed

Avishai Cohen: bass
Elchin Shirinov: piano
Noam David: drums

Björn Samuelsson: trombone (1,4,6,9,10)
Anders Hagberg: flute (1,4,6,9,10)

1. Simonero
2. Arvoles
3. Face Me
4. Gesture #2
5. Elchinov
6. Childhood (For Carmel)
7. Gesture #1
8. Nostalgia
9. New York 90's
10. Wings

wydano: 2019-06-07
more info: www.razdazrecordz.com
more info2: www.avishaicohen.com

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