Anna Segal: Chamber Music for Harp

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Premiere World Recording of the Israeli composer Anna Segal's Music for Harp - dedicated to Rachel Talitman. Original, enchanting, prolific program including a Double Concertino for harp, clarinet and strings as well as a Suite for Harp, Oboe and Strings, and several other chamber music pieces for Harp with Cello, Clarinet and Violin.

Rachel Talitman was born in Tel-Aviv where she had her first musical formation at the Music Academy of the University of Tel-Aviv. She continued her studies with Suzanna Mildonian at the Brussels’s Royal Conservatory of Music, where she got her Harp Superior and Chamber Music Diplomas with distinction. At the same time she specialized the French music with Professor Pierre-Jamet in Paris.
Prize Winner of the Virtuosity competition Tenuto in 1975. Prize Winner of the International harp competition of Paris-1976.Prize Winner of the International Harp Competition Cazala 1977.
Harp professor at the Antwerpen Music Conservatory till 1985.
In 1980 she created with the bassoon player Luc Loubry the variable geometry ensemble Harpeggio .Playing the various repertory of the harp, their aim is to promote the unknown and prolific different composers that at their time contributed to the notoriety and the virtuosity of the harp, as solo and chamber music instrument. The members of the ensemble are international known soloists. This ensemble plays as well the contemporary repertory.
In 2004 Rachel Talitman created her independent label Harp&Co, aiming to instigate mainly first recording of the harp repertory. The discography of Rachel Talitman is varied and original, covering different unknown register – concertos, chamber music and recitals, and dedicated compositions for her.

Jean-Michel Damase - Concerto for bassoon and harp, De l’Ombre a la lumiere-for trumpet and harp, Hallucinations- for viola and harp.
Bernard Andres - Le Seigneur des Amin-Concerto for harp and orchestra. Michel Lysight-Chronographies X .
Hans Lamal - Trias Concerto for flute,bassoon and harp.
Anthony Girard - Voyage au Gré des Illusions-Double concerto for violin and harp.
Robert Grolot - Poeme Secret, Anna Segal – CD, including Concertinoo for Harp,Clarinet ans strings.
Noam Sheriff, Joseph Bardanashvili, Yoram Meyuchas – For solo Flute and Harp.

Rachel Talitman, harp
Jean-Marc Fessard, clarinet
Adrien Eble, oboe
Ensemble Mendelsshon

1. Anna Segal: Concertino for Harp Clarinet &String Quintet Scherzo
2. Anna Segal: Concertino for Harp,Clarinet&String Quintet Canzone
3. Anna Segal: Concertino for Har,Clarinet &String Quintet Vivo
4. Anna Segal: Sonata for Harp&Violoncello Andante
5. Anna Segal: Sonata for Harp&Violoncello Semplice Valtzer
6. Anna Segal: Sonata for Harp &Violoncello Tango
7. Anna Segal: Dialogue for Harp & Clarinet
8. Anna Segal: Image for Harp&Violin
9. Anna Segal: Lullaby Harp
10. Anna Segal: Ballade
11. Anna Segal: Suite for Harp,Oboe &String Quintet Andante
12. Anna Segal: Suite for Harp,Oboe &String Quintet Danza
13. Anna Segal: Suie for Harp,Oboe &String Quintet Rifleso
14. Anna Segal: Suite for Harp,Oboe &String Quintet
15. Anna Segal: Suite for Harp Oboe & String Quintet

wydano: 2018-03

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