Ablaye Thiossane

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African Folk
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Wydawnicto Audiofilskie

kontynent: Afryka
kraj: Senegal
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Senegal to nie tylko boskie plaże i niezwykłe parki narodowe, to także jeden z najbardziej płodnych muzycznie regionów Afryki. Finezja i talent muzyczny przedstawicieli kultury senegalskiej wywołują aplauz w salach koncertowych nie tylko w Afryce. Wystarczy przywołać takich muzyków jak Youssou N'Dour, Orchestra Baobab, Baaba Maal, Ismael Lo, Daby Balde, Amadou Diagne, Nuru Kane czy Cheikh Lo, by pokazać niezwykły potencjał i wigor senegalskiej sceny muzycznej.

Ablaye Thiossane zasługuje jednak na osobny komentarz, a to przez wzgląd właśnie na płytę, która jest debiutem fonograficznym tego 76-letniego (w chwili wydania płyty) muzyka. Pomimo tego, że na scenie muzycznej Senegalu jest aktywny od lat 60-tych, pomimo tego, że jego piosenka "Talene Lampa Yi" była wielkim przebojem w 1966 roku w Afryce, pomimo tego, że przez lata współpracował z Orchestra Baobab, nie doczekał się autorskiego albumu.

Tym bardziej warto sięgnąć po debiut tego żywotnego 76-latka, aby dać się unieść przez tradycje sabar, melodie malinke, blues Sahelu, akustyczne reggae.

Na płycie usłyszymy starych przyjaciół Ablaye'a Thiossane'a - piosenkarka Medoune Diallo z Orchestre Baobab i Africando, saksofonistę z Orchestre Baobab Thierno Kouyaté, organistę Idrissa Diop z Cheikh Tidiane Tall oraz doskonale znanego kongijskiego gitarzystę Papa Noela. Płytę wyprodukował znany senegalski producent muzyczny Ibrahim Sylla a aranżacjami zajął się François Bréant (najbardziej znany ze swojej pracy z Salifem Keitą i Thione'm Seckiem).
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Editor's info:
Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane makes his solo album debut at the grand age of 76. While this is cause for celebration, it would be a mistake to think of Thiossane as a late bloomer. He has been an active and recognized artist in Senegal for 60 years.

He started his career in 1952, when he joined a theatrical troupe in his hometown, Thies, a Senegalese city known for its artistic community and its fierce resistance to colonialism. In addition to acting and singing, he wrote plays and songs. His work was championed by Léopold Sédar Senghor, the poet and political theorist who became the first president of independent Senegal in 1960. A song by Thiossane, Talene Lampe Yi, was chosen as the official anthem of the first international Festival des Arts Negres, held in the Senegalese capital, Dakar, in 1966. At the opening ceremony Thiossane sang the anthem to an audience that included Duke Ellington and Dizzy Gillespie, and the record was heard on the radio throughout Senegal. Thiossane went on to write for and sing with several bands in Dakar, including, most famously, Orchestre Baobab in the early '70s. At the same time he earned a reputation for his graphic arts, especially his paintings, and eventually he focused his creative skills on this work, becoming one of Senegal's most acclaimed painters.

But he never lost his love of music, so he didn't need much persuasion when the renowned Senegalese record producer Ibrahima Sylla proposed making an album with him last year. Old friends such as singer Medoune Diallo of Orchestre Baobab and Africando, Baobab saxophonist Thierno Kouyaté, Idrissa Diop organist Cheikh Tidiane Tall and the great Congolese guitarist Papa Noel eagerly joined the project. So did arranger François Bréant (best known for his work with Salif Keita and Thione Seck).

Among classics such as Lat Dior and new songs such as the lovely Laye Woyena Laye, the centerpiece of the album is a new version of the festival anthem Talene Lampe Yi.

As Nigel Williamson's four-star review in Songlines notes, “The nine songs here mine the same rich blend of Wolof and Afro-Cuban sounds as the mighty Baobab and share the same relaxed, breezy feel.” Thiossane's “belated return to music,” Williamson concludes, “is a blissful one.”

The Guardian:
Now in his mid-70s, Ablaye Ndiaye Thiossane is one of the great veterans of the Senegalese music scene, and yet this is his debut solo album. He first became famous across West Africa back in the 60s, when he was championed by his country's then-president, Léopold Senghor, and his song Talene Lamp Yi (re-recorded for this set) was chosen as the theme for the 1966 Arts Negres festival in Dakar, where Thiossane impressed Duke Ellington. Later he sang with the magnificent Orchestra Baobab and enjoyed a successful career as a painter. Now he has returned to music with help from the celebrated African producer Ibrahim Sylla, who has brought in a celebrity cast to provide the backing. The band includes the great Congolese guitarist Papa Noel, along with Orchestra Baobab's sax player Thierno Kouaté, and five singers, including three current or former members of Baobab. The result is a set that often echoes Baobab's charming and lilting Afro-Cuban style, but is still a showcase for Thiossane. His voice has clearly lost some of its power, but he is on fine form in the gently sturdy Lat Dior and the stately then upbeat Laye Woyena Laye.
by Robin Denselow

1. Amineta Ndiaye
2. Lat Dior
3. aNdiaye Diatta Ndiaye
4. Thiere Lamboul
5. Siket
6. Talene Lampe Yi
7. Arawane Ndiaye
8. Bouki Ndiour
9. Laye Woyena Laye

wydano: 2013-06-25
more info: www.discograph.com

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