A Victim of Stars 1982-2012 [2CD]

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Indie Pop / Avant Pop / Muzyka alternatywna
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Anglia
opakowanie: plastikowe etui

Editor's info:
2012 two CD compilation from the enigmatic singer, songwriter, musician and former leader of the British band Japan. A Victim Of Stars (1982 - 2012) brings together material from the last 30 years of David's solo career, encompassing material released with Virgin Records, along with his more recent work released on his own label samadhisound, as well as a brand new recording exclusive to this compilation. On his solo records of the '80s, Sylvian's explorations in music incorporated Pop-Funk, stylish Jazz, windswept Exotica, Ambient and so much more. His collaborators included leaders of progressive music, from jazzmen such as Mark Isham, John Taylor and Kenny Wheeler to the rock and fusion guitarists Robert Fripp, Bill Nelson, and David Torn. With the release of A Victim of Stars, Sylvian continues to confront the challenges, both personal and global, that have enriched his work for three decades. And he continues to follow this path - with patience, perseverance, and beauty.

1. Ghosts (Remix)
2. Bamboo Houses (Remix)
3. Bamboo Music
4. Forbidden Colours
5. Red Guitar (2003 - Remaster)
6. The Ink in the Well (2003 - Remaster)
7. Pulling Punches (2003 - Remaster)
8. Taking the Veil (2003 - Remaster)
9. Silver Moon (2003 - Remaster)
10. Let the Happiness In (2003 - Remaster)
11. Orpheus (2003 - Remaster)
12. Waterfront (2003 - Remaster)
13. Pop Song
14. Blackwater (2003 - Remaster)
15. Every Colour You Are
16. Heartbeat (Tainai Kaiki II) Returning to the Womb (Remix)

1. Jean the Birdman
2. Alphabet Angel
3. I Surrender
4. Darkest Dreaming
5. A Fire in the Forest
6. The Only Daughter (Original)
7. Late Night Shopping
8. Wonderful World
9. The Banality of Evil
10. Darkest Birds
11. Snow White in Appalachia
12. Small Metal Gods
13. I Should Not Dare
14. Manafon
15. Where's Your Gravity?

more info2: davidsylvian.com

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