Come Dance With Me [Vinyl 1LP 180g]

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  • Wykonawca: Frank Sinatra
  • Nośnik: Vinyl 1LP
  • Instrument lidera: vocals
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swing / neo-swing
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kontynent: Ameryka Północna
kraj: USA
opakowanie: kartonowe etui

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Come Dance with Me! was recorded between various sessions by Sinatra with Nelson Riddle. It marked Sinatra's second album with another great arranger and conductor: Billy May. "Recording with Billy May", declared Sinatra, "is like having a bucket of cold water thrown in your face. Riddle will come to a session with all the arrangements carefully and neatly worked out beforehand. With Billy you sometimes don't get copies of the next number until you've finished the one before. Billy and Nelson both work better under pressure. I myself work better under pressure. If there's too much time available, I don't like it -not enough stimulus... Billy May is always driving while Nelson has more depth, and with Gordon Jenkins, it's just plain beautiful and simple". Sinatra's first session with Billy May took place in 1957 and produced the album Come Fly with Me. Although it was believed that their first collaborations took place earlier - with the tracks "South of the Border" and "I Love You" - these titles were deliberately arranged by Nelson Riddle in the Billy May style. The sessions went on for three days, the same amount of time it took for the Come Dance with Me! sessions the following year. The original LP edition of Come Dance with Me! (released as Capitol W1069) had no liner notes, just the titles: "COME DANCE WITH ME, or if you're in the mood for listening, sit this one out...in the spotlight FRANK SINATRA, on the bandstand, BILLY MAY, the program: VOCALS THAT DANCE". A version of "Same Old Song and Dance", originally issued as a single and also featuring Sinatra with Billy May, has been added as a bonus.

Frank Sinatra: vocals
Billy May and his orchestra:
Billy May
Harry "Sweets" Edison
Conrad Gozzo
Frank Beach
John Best
Babe Russin
Willie Smith
Joe Cook
Fred Fallensby
Arthur "Skeets" Herfert
Ed Kusby
Dick Noel
Tommy Pederson
Bill Schaefer
Al Hendrickson
Bill Miller
Joe Mondragon
Alvin Stoller

Side A:
1. Come Dance With Me (Sammy Cahn-Jimmy Van Heusen) 2:33
2. Something's Gotta Give (Johnny Mercer) 2:41
3. Just In Time (Styne-Comden-Green) 2:27
4. Dancing In The Dark (Arthur Schwartz-Howard Dietz) 2:29
5. Too Close For Comfort (Bock-Holofcener-Weiss) 2:36
6. I Could Have Danced All Night (Frederick Loewe-Alan Jay Lerner) 2:45

Side B:
1. Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week) (Sammy Cahn-Jule Styne) 1:59
2. Day In, Day Out (Rube Bloom-Johnny Mercer) 3:28
3. Cheek To Cheek (Irving Berlin) 3:07
4. Baubles, Bangles And Beads (Robert Wright-George Forrest) 2:49
5. The Song Is You (Jerome Kern-Oscar Hammerstein Ii) 2:45
6. The Last Dance (Sammy Cahn-Jimmy Van Heusen) 2:13
7. Same Old Song And Dance (Sammy Cahn-Jimmy Van Heusen- Bobby Worth) 2:56

wydano: 2015 (1959)

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