Closer To You

  • Kod: HFHCD019
  • Producent: Hi 4 Head Records
  • Kod producenta: 0797776485758
  • Wykonawca: Trevor Watts Amalgam
  • Nośnik: CD
  • Instrument lidera: saxophones
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Avant Jazz / Free Improvisation / Avant-Garde
premiera polska:
kontynent: Europa
kraj: Anglia
opakowanie: digipackowe etui

Newly remastered with extra tracks from the Trevor Watts archive.
Liner Notes:
Windycroft, the house where this music was recorded, on the cliffs overlooking Hastings, has been associated with music throughout its existence. The man who built it gave the first performance of Tchaikovsky's b flat piano concerto in this country and other composers such as Wagner were friends of the family. However, the ghosts that linger within its walls must have been somewhat surprised last summer, by music the like of which they had never heard before.
Unlike some albums which get their strength from perpetuating one mood, this one gets it by covering a wide spectrum of of emotions without sacrificing consistency of style.
The approach is to predetermine the mood, feel and structure of the piece, as well as the themes, but to allow the maximum of freedom within those parameters. Precise timing is the essence. Whether it superficially has a rock feel such as 'De Dublin Ting' or is free like 'Dear Roland', the musicians are always conscious of the pulse and know exactly where they have to lay down their lines in relation to it.
With this album, this rhythmic structure is perhaps less dominant than in some of Trevor Watts' earlier albums, Cynosure (reissued on HFHCD018) for example. The musicians, having worked on the problem intensely, can now rely upon the experience having been absorbed into their subconscious, allowing them greater freedom with line and self expression. But still nothing is slack and it is this above all that gives the different feelings unity and cohesion. It has freedom with knowledge and not to cover up the lack of it. Trevor's music is jazz based but he has never been hidebound by that tradition and he is able to incorporate the best of other musical practices, whether it is a rock drive, Asian micro-tonality or North African methods of circular breathing. If it can help to get over a musical idea it is valid. The result is a very rich album.
By Keith Beal 1979

Trevor Watts - alto & soprano saxophones
Colin McKenzie - bass guitar
Liam Genockey - drums

1. De Dublin Ting 05:36
2. South of Nowhere (With Quiet Beginnings) 09:56
3. Keep Right 04:22
4. Trevor Watts' Amalgam - Dear Roland 19:37
5. Mad 04:44
6. Seaside Blues 04:21
7. Albert Like 03:33
8. Bottle Alley 07:49
9. Latino Flo 03:37

wydano: 22 Apr 2017
nagrano: Recording at High Wickham, Hastings, May 1978
Re-issue production and mastering at Arc Studios, Hastings

more info: www.hi4headrecords.com
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